Monday, December 26, 2005

Post Christmas Post

Did everyone get what they wanted for Christmas?

It's not really all about that, but yes I did. I had one of the best Christmas's ever. DJ and I were able to actually either buy, or make everyone something for the holidays. DJ did a lot of cookie baking and crocheting, and I did a lot of SPENDING! But that wasn't what made it the best Christmas ever, it was the fact that I was able to be with my family, and his family and vice versa. After five years together our families have finally accepted the fact that we are together and that we are going to be part of their lives. Even my brother seemed accepting of it and welcomed DJ into my mother's home with open arms.

But back to what we got for Christmas...

I received mostly DVD's this year, and on the top of the list was the first season of LOST. I didn't watch this show when it aired, but now I'm addicted. I have only about 15 more minutes of the final episode and I can not wait until season two comes out. DJ also got me Will & Grace, Seasons One and Two, Stargate SG1, Season one through three. Aviator, Madagascar and Cinderella. I also got the follow up book to Wicked, Son of a Witch.

Getting gifts are great, and everyone knows how I love receiving them, but now that all the festivities are over and the gifts are unwrapped I am just thankful that I have someone to share it with, and that I can share him with my family.

Saturday, December 24, 2005


Here is hoping that Santa brings you everything you want! Merry Christmas Everyone!

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Mixing it Up

Christmas was always one of my favorite holidays. That was until I started having to pay for other's peoples presents! Each year it becomes more and more a chore. Not so much because of low cash flow (although it makes it difficult to buy for everyone I'd like to) but for the mere fact I have NO CLUE what to get people. Some people are easy to buy for, like my dad. He loves old westerns, so off to Circuit City or Best Buy and find a John Wayne collection. But actually he is about the only one that is easy to but for. I have no clue what to get my mother. What do you get someone who has everything including the greatest son ever born to a woman? Then there are my kids. My two youngest still live at home with their mother, and I am sure she is going to shower them with gifts, so for the last few years I've given them cash, but that is so impersonal, so this year I'm going to actually buy them gifts. For my older two they definitely will get cash. With them both getting new homes this year I am sure it will come in handy for them. That leaves DJ.
Hence my story. I asked him a few weeks ago what would he like to have.
"I don't know, I have all I need with you."

Whatever, give me an idea here! So finally he suggests that he would like a professional mixer. You know one of those Kitchen Aide table mixers. It's not a gift I would want, but then again I don't enjoy cooking, he loves it. So off to the stores I go. I went to several discount stores and found nothing, finally I found one, but it was more than I really wanted to spend. I found what I wanted for the price that I wanted and I ran home to wrap it. As I finish wrapping it and put it under the tree he walks in and says...

"Oh you got my mixer!"

I hate Christmas.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

HNT~Sunburnt Memories


It's that time again!! Time to do my best to embarrass myself by posting revealing pictures of myself and others in modes of undress. This one is pretty funny actually. It was taken a couple of years (and a few pounds) ago while DJ and I were vacationing in Panama City Beach. I laid out in the sun WAY TOO LONG, and began to look like a lobster. I apologize for the really bad seashell necklace, they were in style then (somewhat). Even with the horrible sunburn we still had a fantastic time. It's good to remember that week, especially with the temperature what it is today.

I also want to make mention of a fellow blogger and gay dad. I mention him today because he is the one the led me to Half~Nekkid Thursdays and now I've become a follower of him ever since.

Being a father is tough work, but adding the fact that you came out of the closet not only to the whole world, but to your own kids is much tougher, trust me I know! But ScottyBoi writes with such candor and honesty, he has become my hero. I can not imagine trying to raise my own kids by myself or even with DJ. If I had to, I most definitely would, but it would most difficult. Thank goodness that my kids have a great mother who has done a fantastic job with them, and still allows me to be their dad. There are so many other guys I know out there that are not even allowed to see their kids, then we have Scottyboi who is raising them with his partner. Hats off to them, and to their kids. I know it's tough sometimes Scott, but keep up the great work, your kids will remember it long after they are out on their own. Thanks for being an inspiration to all us gay dads out here! Check out ScottyBoi's site "The Other Side of Straight" and find out what I'm talking about.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Birthdays & Friends

Tomorrow one of my best friends will turn another year older. I think he will be 43, not too sure on the whole age thing. I know he is not too much younger than myself. But anyway...Silver is having a birthday.

I got to thinking about birthdays and friends. Birthdays keep coming, they never go away, and that's a good thing because if they stop coming then you really have something to worry about, you may want to find Jennifer Love Hewitt. But friends on the other hand don't keep coming. Friends tend to slow down. As a kid I had a ton of friends. As a young adult I have several people that I would call my friend. As a minister for several years in the Baptist Church, I realized that most of my friends were my friends for ulterior reasons, mainly their reasons. Now that I am older I understand what my dad said to me when I was a teenager...

"Son, you can count on one hand your true friends. Everyone else are acquaintances"

He is so right. I actually have what I would say are three true friends. Of course DJ, Silver and Veruca. Everyone else has seemed to have faded into their own lives and dreams. Which is not a bad thing, but I miss them. I still have friends that I keep in contact with, but really true to life friends, that are there no matter what. I don't have many.

Now don't get me wrong I'm not getting all misty eyed and melancholy and feeling sorry for myself because I don't have a mess of friends, I'm just stating the obvious. Actually I'm probably too selfish and self centered to have too many friends, I wouldn't have time for them. But I am very grateful and thankful for the friends I do have. I know I need to act like it more often, but then again, they know me and they know how I am, that's why they are my friend.

Back to Silver...Happy Birthday friend. Thanks for being a true friend.

A New Reality

After a few days of contemplation and soul searching, I decided to keep the blog. I know, this is like the third time I quit and then started back up, but sometimes I find it hard to write anything that others would find interesting. So I thought about why I started this blog. It was for me. A way to express myself. It wasn't for you, the reader. Although I like it that others read my postings, but this journal was for me. Being the selfish person that I am, I don't really want to give it up. Even if no one else reads it or finds it interesting or entertaining, I will still post my mundane thoughts, and life experiences.

But I am going to head into a different direction. I will still have my personal posts and thoughts, but I wanted to add something a little more deep. So instead of shying away from the controversial posting, and the political postings I am going to jump in, and if people don't like my opinions that's fine, just read some one else's blog. So over the next few days and weeks you are going to see some changes and different types of rants.

I also started this blog to help in my writing, and publishing endeavors, so I am going to be adding more information in regards to that, and even post a few snipets from my book, or the work I am currently working on.

Yes there is more to me than the boring mundane guy you have all grown to know and love, and hopefully I can share more of my reality with you, and you will come back for more.

Monday, November 28, 2005

All Good Things...

must come to an end.

So too my blog. Since the inhalation of my computer, and the lack of excitement that I have for my blog I have decided to close the doors to my Reality Check, and face my reality instead of writing about it.

I started this adventure to help me with my writing bloc, but instead it has become my writing, so therefore I am going back to my book, and going to try and get it finished and published. The site will remain for those of you that would like to read about the past year of my life (why I don't know) and also to send me an e-mail periodically. Who knows I may even post something every now and again if it is newsworthy.

I may return in the future with a new look and a new name and with some new news.

Thank you to all of my loyal readers (all 5 of you) and go out and make your dreams reality. I'm going to try to.

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Man Of The Week

6'3" 205 pounds, this weeks Man of the Week is someone you would never imagine would be on my blog. He plays college football for Texas A&M. Yes I said football. I watched the Longhorns and the Aggies play yesterday and I must say I enjoy College ball much better than Pro. I really got into the game, and I was amazed at the quarterback for Texas A&M. Not only was he cute, but he RUSHED for 108 yards and two touchdowns in his first career start at quarterback!McGee finished with a game-high 191 yards of total offense, rushing for 108 yards and two touchdowns on 24 carries and completing 9-of-23 passes for 83 yards. Not bad for a first time start. So Hats Off to #15. Stephen McGhee.

Saturday, November 26, 2005

We Will Never Learn, Will We?

Hey all. Sorry no posts in a few days, but the 'puter is still down. Not a hell of a lot going on in my life either. But Thanksgiving was wonderful again this year. Great food, and family. Family is always good to have around, even if you do not always agree with them. Stuffed myself silly at mom's and then went to DJ's grandparents and stuffed again. All this on a hangover. Yeah our Wednesday night free for all with Budlight and Red was pretty intoxicating.

We went to their house first where we played "Screw the Dealer", yes a drinking game that I think Budlight made up herself, but it got me royally screwed! By the time we got to the bar I was already gone. We headed out to the west side of town where we hit their hangouts. TONS of hot str8 men everywhere! Red and I have somewhat the same taste in men, but Budlight and I, we don't see things quite the same. She likes them tall and big and not all that cute. I like them a little shorter, stocky and they have to be pretty. After going to about four of their bars, we headed downtown to go to "our" bars. Yes, by the time I got home, I was sick. So when I awoke Thursday morning to begin the Thanksgiving festivities my first meal of the day was two Aleve's and a bottled water.

By about 6:00 p.m. Thanksgiving night I was back to normal. I don't think I'm going out next year on Thanksgiving Eve.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Let it Snow

Woke up this morning to a little snow on the ground. Not a lot, just a dusting but it was enough to make the crazy drivers freak. On the way to work I saw three cars off the road and two fairly major accidents. What is it about the first snow of the season? Do people forget how to drive in the snow that quickly? You can't do 80 miles an hour on snow covered roads, so slow down. The bridges and overpasses were pretty bad this morning and that seemed to be most of the problem, but just watch and be more careful.

Other than the problems it has been causing on the road, the snow was beautiful. I wasn't expecting a white Thanksgiving, and it may postpone our plans tonight, but It does look nice. Our plans are to hit the bars tonight with Red and Budlight. Tonight being one of the biggest bar nights of the year we will probably get into trouble, let's just hope it is fun trouble and not snow trouble.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005


Having my computer on the blitz, SUCKS. Been busy at work this week so I haven't been able to post so all my regular postings, Man of the Week;HNT and all those other interesting posts about my life have been put on hold and I do apologize.

I am not any closer to getting my computer fixed than I was last Friday, but I do know my problem is bigger than just a fan motor. I tried hooking up my old computer Sunday to at least get online to read my mail, but to no avail. My modem on that computer is fried. So I am stuck posting from work for a while.

Friday night went out with Mamma D and Big D, DJ's parents. We went to BW3's for wings and alcohol. Of course I got a little to drunk, but everyone seemed to ignore me. Saturday was work as usual and Sunday I cleaned, cleaned and cleaned. The apartment looks great. I have to do SOMETHING now that my computer is dead. It is amazing how much longer the days seem and how much I can get accomplished when I'm not sitting on my ass all day staring at the SIMS. I know DJ is happy. But anyway...Hopefully I can be back at full level soon and continue to entertain all of you. Until then have a great Thanksgiving and remember to not eat too much, we have to make sure those HNT posts look good!

Friday, November 18, 2005

Falling Apart

Things are falling apart all around me! What is going on? First it was my back. I've never had any back problems in my life. With my MS all of my problems have been in my legs, arms, hands and eyes. So back problems are something that I've never had to deal with. I'm not even sure what I did to cause it. The doctor said that sometimes you can just twist something getting out of bed and cause your back to go into spasms. So it was either scrubbing my tub, getting out of bed or doing something last Saturday while in bed...

The other thing that seems to be falling apart is my mother. She is becoming more and more forgetful. She called my aunt (my father's sister-in-law) three times to invite her to my sons wedding, but completely forgot to call my father's sister. On top of that she asked me repeatedly if I was going to bring my daughter Princess to the wedding, even though I had just told her in a conversation not two minutes prior that I would be picking her up. Now her longterm memory is fine, but anything that happened in the last few months she has a hard time recalling.

Then last night I got home and went online to check my e-mail. While I was reading my mail and looking at some really HOT pictures a friend had sent me my computer shut itself off. At first I thought we may have had a power surge, so I checked my surge protector. Nothing. So I booted back up and the computer then came on in safe mode and I ran my virus scan. Again nothing. She was completely clean. The whoosh, it shut it self off again. I made a 911 call to Veruca as he is a computer expert and he had no idea, but told me to go in and do a restore, which I did. The computer ran about 20 minutes and then whoosh, it shut down again. After several calls I found out the problem. My fan blower is out, and when the computer reaches a certain temperature it automatically shuts down to protect the hardware. So for a while I am going to have to post my entries from work. It also means no SIMS!!! What will I do?!

Thursday, November 17, 2005

HNT #4

For my fourth Half~Nekkid Post is a picture of my mug from my son's wedding on Saturday. It's not my most favorite shot but it's me. See the wrinkles and graying hair? And what about those white whiskers growing in my goatee?

I know according to the guideline that facial pictures should be limited, but with my back problems this past week it's all I had. Finally today my back is some better. I'm not sure what I did to my back, but for three days I've been pretty immobile. Hopefully the shot I got on Tuesday will soon allow me to function normal again soon, Whatever normal is...

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Wedding Picture

Congratulations to my son Joe and his new wife, Amanda.

I will post more later in the week, but currently I'm down in my back. It's hard to sit at the computer right now, but will update soon.

Monday, November 14, 2005

The Wedding

As most of you know that read my blog, my oldest son, J1 was married on Saturday. He and his now wife, "Lil Bit tied the knot in good old redneck fashion. Actually the wedding was very nice. Hat's off to J1's mother for throwing things together so well in just little over a week. My son looked very dapper in his suit coat and tie. I think that was actually the first time he had ever had one on. I almost didn't recognize him. But I'm getting ahead of my self. Let's start with the morning of the wedding.

DJ and I had to leave the house by 10:30 to pick up my daughter Princess in Florence, as he BF had to work and was unable to attend the festivities (oh so sad, can you tell I was upset by that?) We left in plenty of time. And we arrived at her place of employment earlier than anticipated. So I decided I'd travel down the road to TARGET to pick up a disposable camera and some dress socks. I had on a pair of old ankle length socks, and they just didn't go with my dress slacks. Well I think everyone in Florence had decided to all go to TARGET at the same time. We sat in traffic a good 20 minutes trying to get back onto the interstate. It was now 12:15 and the wedding started at 1:30. It is a good hour from Florence Kentucky to Liberty Indiana, so we had to move. Traffic was fine on the intertstate, but once we got into the country...Well lets say I made it to the wedding at 1:35 after several calls to my daughter's cell phone asking where we were. They held up the wedding long enough so I didn't miss a thing.

'Lil Bit as, as you know 6 weeks pregnant. But when she came out to come down the aisle with her grandfather, she looks at least 3 months! She has a pouch already. She is not a very big girl, about 4'9" and small frame, so maybe that was why she looked more pregnant. But I will not be surprised if this baby comes "early".

During the vows, she stops and wails out an "oh...My" and then fans herself. So cute and so "Absolutely Fabulous". My son stands there in his silent reserved way and just smiles. Within 15 minutes they were wed. Then off to the cake cutting. The cake was beautiful ( I will have pictures to post later in the week from my disposable camera). They were calm with the cake smashing, and didn't get one another too messed up. Soon the party began to wind down and my son invited me to the After Party. Which was being held at his Best Man's house in a Trailer Park. I will fill you in on that tomorrow...

Friday, November 11, 2005

When You Wish Upon A Star

Since moving into our new place, DJ and I have decided to not smoke in the house. It's bad enough that I smell of smoke, and that my clothing smells as well. I don't want my home to smell that way, so we opt to go out onto our patio to indulge in our "one" vice. I know, we should both quit, and maybe someday we can, but for now we will head to the patio and smoke our selves silly.

Tonight as we were sitting there filling our lungs with pollutants we both saw it almost at the same time. A shooting star! I mean it bolted out of the sky.

"Did you see that?!" I stated
"Yeah, I did." As he looked into the clear night sky

Another draw on the cigarette and WHOOSH!
Yet, another falling star, (I differentiated the stars as this one moved a little slower).

"There was another one" DJ says.
"I know, I almost missed that one."

As I sat there I made wishes on our falling stars. Now I can't share what I wished for because then it won't come true, but I wished the same thing for both stars.

Double the pleasure, double the fun I always say.
I wonder what DJ wished for?

By the way, thanks to EVERYONE that commented on my HNT Post yesterday. It figures that when I post a nekkid picture of myself I get more comments than ever. Thanks, I love the attention!

Thursday, November 10, 2005

HNT ~ Half-Nekkid Thursday/Where's the Cowboys?

When I posted my first HNT posting a few weeks ago I stated it was not going to become pornographic. That's not the reason for HNT according to the guidlines (see here HNT_1). But after careful consideration I just HAVE to post this picture, so if you are under 18 please go no further, or if you are a family member or a friend you may want to pass on this post.

I took this picture of myself BDJ (before DJ). I was living with Silver and Veruca at the time in their condo. They let me borrow their new digital camera which also had a timer. I really had fun that afternoon. This was one of many self photos. This is the ONLY one that will make it to HNT! I hope you all enjoy!! And don't look TOO hard, because you can't see it.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Making Memories

With the upcoming nuptials it seems that many of our discussions have been about weddings. DJ and I were talking last night about my sons wedding on Saturday. DJ was raised Catholic and has only seen Catholic weddings, so when I told him the ceremony would only last about 15 to 20 minutes he was surprised. He was thinking we had a good two hours of sitting in the church for the ceremony. I think he was actually relieved.

Discussing Catholic weddings, I recalled a wedding I attended back in the early 80's. One of my cousins, named Steve, married a Catholic girl and had one of those big catholic weddings, complete with mass and communion. I had never attended a catholic wedding and had no idea what to expect. Being raised Baptist, I had not even been into a catholic church. So one of my other cousins, Barb and I decided to attend together and I picked her up. Of course we had to have a little "smoke" before we went to the wedding, which made us late. We came into the church while some girl was up singing an aria. Not ever being in a Catholic church I had no idea that there were kneeling benches, so Barb and I quickly ran to a seat in the back of the church and I tripped over the kneeling bench. I hit my head and banged my shins up pretty good, and almost yelled out a profanity, but Barb's laughing subdued that. We quickly retreated back outside where we rolled into laughter. Once we got back into the church, it was hard to keep a straight face. Then when we started getting up and down that got me laughing again. I remember telling Barb that I felt like a Jack in the Box, which caused her to laugh out loud again. We again retreated outside where we remained for the remainder of the service. I mean we didn't want to seem sacrilegious.

I love memories like those. Hopefully Saturday will be a day for memories as well.

Monday, November 07, 2005

Going to the Chapel...

No I'm not getting married.

My Son is. This coming Saturday. He and 'Lil Bit were going to go to the courthouse and just get married there, no fanfare, but his mother decided that just wasn't right. They needed a church wedding. So plans began to develop.

The dress was bought.
The cake was bought.
The church was found, and the minister paid.

So next Saturday I get to travel an hour north into Indiana to see my oldest son, J1 take a bride.

It's the first wedding in our family in sometime. I think the last one was my cousins wedding back about 5 years ago. I'm not a big fan of weddings. receptions, yes, weddings no. But this is my son, and I wouldn't miss it for the world.

Sunday, November 06, 2005


I fell in love with this guy way back in the movie the Hackers in 1995. He later when on to play in Romeo & Juliet the same year, then in Bring it On he played the love interest of Kirsten Dunst. I just think he is adorable! So for the Man of the Week this week I give you...


Thursday, November 03, 2005

HNT ~ Half-Nekkid Thursday


It's here again!
Half Nekkid Thursday!

For my post this week I am actually going to post some real human skin! Not mine of course, but my honey's. It was actually his idea to post his skin for Half-Nekkid Thursday. So here it is...

This is my honey's right shoulder. No really it is. He had Pluto tattooed on his back so that I can have something to watch while I am...well you get the idea.

I Love it. And I am really glad it's Pluto could you image doing your boyfriend with a tattoo of URANUS....


Check this Out, thanks to Fresh n Tasty!

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Avoiding the Holidays

November is now here. I suppose that it is now officially the Holiday Season, well if you are in retail. Unlike some people, like my friend SILVER, instead of looking forward to Christmas, I'm trying to find ways to avoid it. It's not that I don't like Christmas. Everyone knows I'm a true "Monica" and I LOVE getting gifts, and it's not that I'm a non-believer, as I do believe. I just don't believe in all the hype that seems to go with the Christmas Season. There are already commercials on TV. I went to Meijer last night to get a deal on left over Halloween candy and the displays had already been replaced. With, you guessed it, CHRISTMAS DISPLAYS!

So how do you avoid Christmas? Well don't get me wrong, I'm not a Scrooge, but here are some key plans to avoid the Christmas hubbub;

1. Shop NOW, (or even earlier) don't wait until after thanksgiving, because there are nothing in the stores but crazy people after Thanksgiving. They will fight, maul and destroy you. Not to mention the traffic around the malls. Avoid them at any costs.
2. Shop Online. No mess, no traffic and no crazy people to contend with.
3. Make gifts. There is noting more special than a handmade or home made gift. DJ has taken up crotcheting and he is giving scarves, hats and afghans for gifts this year.
4. Give Money. Avoid all the malls and online shopping, just give cash. I LOVE getting cash
5. Decorate in Moderation: Put out the decorations about December 22, take them down December 26. Or even better, don't put them out at all. Well maybe just a wreath on the door so your neighbors don't think your first name is Ebeneezer.
6. Vacation: Take a Month long vacation. Nothing says I love Christmas better than being in Maui or Key West.
7. Avoid Radio & TV: Stop plying your radio in the car. If not you will be bombarded with Christmas music and advertisements. Put in your new Madonna CD when you are in the car. Think Kabbalah!! And instead of TV, watch those DVD's.
8. Become Jewish; Hanukkah! This way you have more days to get gifts without all the fanfare of Christmas. It's more quiet, reserved and thoughtful celebration. Plus we all love the candles.
9. Change Religions:If you don't want to become Jewish there is always atheism. But you get NO gifts that way.
10. Just keep your Halloween decorations up. Then everyone will think you are a Satanist or something. I mean there are some people that leave their Christmas Decorations up all year round, why not Halloween?

I guess there really is no way to avoid Christmas when you think about it. Just accept the fact that we are a commercial society and Christmas is no longer the sacred celebration that it was meant to be. I guess my friend Silver has the best way to look at it. Just enjoy it, celebrate it, revel in it. If you can't beat it, join it.

Monday, October 31, 2005

Me, a Gentleman?

The Gentleman
Deliberate Gentle Love Master (DGLMm)

Steady & mature. You are The Gentleman.

For anyone looking for an even-keeled, considerate lover, you're their man. You're sophisticated. You know what you want both in a relationship and outside of it. You have a substantial romantic side, and you're experienced enough sexually to handle yourself in that arena, too. Your future relationships will be long-lasting; you're classic "marrying material," a prize in the eyes of many.

It's possible that behind it all, you're a bit of a male slut. Your best friends know that in relationships you're fundamentally sex-driven. You're a safe, reliable guy, who does get laid. In a lot of ways, you're like a well-worn, comfortable pair of socks. Did you ever jack off into one of those? All the time.

Your exact opposite:
The Last Man on Earth

Random Brutal Sex Dreamer
Your ideal mate is NOT a nut-job. He is giving and loving, like you, but also experienced. Avoid the The False Messiah at all fucking costs.

CONSIDER: The Gentleman, someone just like you.

Link: The 32-Type Dating Test by OkCupid - Free Online Dating.
My profile name: mykelj

Sunday, October 30, 2005


In High School, a couple of decades ago, I was a gymnast. Ever since then I have tried to follow gymnastics. From the days of Bart Conner to today. But the month of August's INSTINCT cover caught my eye. I had heard of this National Gymnast Champion before but I didn't know he actually was "out". Way to go Graham, not only are you HOT and a fantastic athlete but also a courageous young man.

Hats off to my MAN OF THE WEEK:


Saturday, October 29, 2005

Hangovers and Grandfathers

Now that I have had a few hours and several rum & cokes to soften the blow, I'm now able to entertain the ideal of being a grandfather. It was inevitable that this day would come. I mean I have four kids, so sooner or later I was determined to become a grandfather. At first it brought my mortality into light. (that's my mortality, not my morality, that's always in question!)

Being a grandpa sounds like I'm an old man. When I think of grandfathers I think of old balding men. Not virile, young gay men. Not that I'm all that virile anymore and god knows I'm not as young as I used to be, but I am gay.

I don't think I know any gay grandpas. Maybe I can start a club. The Gay Grandpa Club.

But thinking further on it I decided this was an opportunity to have another chance of molding and influencing another life. For the good, hopefully. And the thought of holding a little baby again sounds very nice. There is just something about babies that brings something out in a gay man. That's all I need is for more of my feminine side to come out!

Anyway, I'm happy about it. Excited and thankful. So I went out last night with DJ and Silver to celebrate. We had dinner at 'ZA, a new pizza place that once used to be UNOS, and then hit the bars. Most of our old hangouts had either closed or lost their liquor license so we found a new gay bar that some of our old bartender buddies had opened up. It was great. Good atmosphere, good part of town and of course THE hottest bartender in Cincy. His name is Mike and at 39 he still looks yummy. As I told him last night he was like a fine wine, just gets better with age. We also found out that one of the old gay standby for eats in Cincinnati had closed and reopened as a Video Bar, called Union Station. They have one in Columbus that we love, so hopefully this one will be just as good.

We got home around 1:15 and the celebration was ended.
Now back to reality today.
Nursing a hangover as a potential grandpa feels the same as it always has. Maybe I need to read this SITE more often.
Somethings never change.

Friday, October 28, 2005

Ask and You Shall Receive

For my 200th post yesterday I wanted to write something exciting or at least interesting, but at the time I posted, I had nothing, so hence the horse's ass.

I should have waited a few hours...

While at work yesterday about 2:30 or so I was looking out my window that faces a main street that runs through the neighborhood where our office is located. The area is a mix of commercial and residential, and is in one of the "bad" neighborhoods. High crime rate etc. As I looked out into the road I saw two local police officers in the middle of the road, with their guns drawn on a man who was lying face down in the road. Within the next few seconds 4 or 5 City Police and a sheriff came flying into our lot.

Of course I wanted to know what was going on and went outside. As I did one of the police officers (who was not good looking at all) met me at the door.

"We have 3 bank robbery suspects that have jumped your fence and are on your lot, you need to lock your door and your service gate immediately."

Which I did, Immediately!

Fortunate for me, but unfortunate for them, all three suspects were apprehended in a short amount of time. Everything was clear within a half an hour. No shots fired, no blood loss, and not even a TV news reporter asked to interview me!

What's this world coming to?

Then today I receive a phone call at work from my oldest son J1.

"Hey Dad."
"Hey, what's up?"
"Not too much, you busy?"
"No, not really. You okay?"
"Yeah, I just wanted to call to let you know that Amanda and I are getting married and that your going to be a grandpa."

Just last night I told DJ that I would hope my kids would make me a grandpa soon, as I want my grandchildren to know who I am. See you should be careful what you ask for!

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Post # 200

For my 200th blog post I wanted to do something exciting, or interesting, or at the least poignant. But alas, I could not think of anything that warranted those descriptions so instead I have jumped onto the Half-Nekkid Thursday Bandwagon. Don't know what that is, well check it all out here:


Now I'm not going to start being pornographic or anything like that, as I am somewhat modest when it comes to things like that (plus my mom reads my blog). But Half Nekkid Thursdays are not necessarily all about that. According to the guidelines it can be of anyone or any body part, but I have to take the picture or have someone take it for me. So I can't just go search the net and post anyone's half-nekkid ass.

So for post number 200 here is my first admission to Half-Nekkid Thursday:

I know it's not what your were expecting, but hey there will be other Thursdays! I took this picture on our recent trip to St. Louis at the Budweiser Brewery. Nothing quite as beautiful as a Clydesdale's ass is there??

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Face Lift

It was time.
I knew it had to be done.
No price would be too high, as it's all about apperances.

You have to look good. No you have to look GREAT.
How is anyone going to notice you with all the other blogs out there?

Reality got a face lift.

Hope you all enjoy the new look.

Bea is for Silver...I never looked better!

You May Go On And Do So

These were the words spoken in reply when Rosa Parks was told that she could be arrested for not giving up her seat on the bus in 1955.

Mrs. Parks died Monday evening at her home of natural causes, with close friends by her side. The Mother of the Civil Rights Movement, Ms. Parks had to move from her home in Alabama and relocate to Detroit to get work. Her and Her husband Raymond worked for the advancement of youth in the Detroit area with the Rosa and Raymond Parks Institute for Self Development. The institute, incorporated in 1987, is devoted to developing leadership among Detroit's young people and initiating them into the struggle for civil rights. In 1996, she received the Presidential Medal of Freedom, awarded to civilians making outstanding contributions to American life. In 1999, she was awarded the Congressional Gold Medal, the nation's highest civilian honor. In 2002, her landlord threatened to evict her from her high-rise apartment in downtown Detroit after her caregivers missed rental payments. Riverfront Associates decided in October 2004 to let her live there rent-free permanently.

She not only was a role model for the black community, but a leader for all people.

Monday, October 24, 2005

I Don't Want To

I did not want to get up yesterday morning. Hell, I didn't want to get up this morning either, but back to yesterday.

Yesterday was Sunday, my only day off in my six day a week job. My boys were here and they were already up. DJ was up as well. I had to get up because he had to be at work at 1:00 p.m. and due to the big Bengals-Pittsburgh game (which also started at 1:00) he would have had no where to park. So I was to get up take him in, then spend some time over at Silver's house, then to my mom's, then take my boys home. But I didn't want to get up. It was already 10:30 a.m. when I heard DJ.

"Time to get up." He smiles
"I don't want to, I have other options." I roll over.
"What's that?"
"Teleportation." I squint my eyes... "it's not working."

Think about that, if we could just by a blink of our eye teleport ourselves or others where they need to be. No more traffic hassles. No more spending a fortune for gas. No more late for work or school. But then what if something goes wrong and your body particles are scattered from here to who knows where?

Oh well, it didn't work anyway. I had to get up.
It didn't work this morning either.

I found this interesting...
You are most like Anakin Skywalker~Struggling for self-assurance over hidden angst, you are highly adept and full of surprises.

Which Fantasy/SciFi Character Are You?

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Man of the Week

If this week's Man of the Week is any indication of what lives in Canada, I just found another reason to move there!

Shawn Roberts, is so far a fairly unknown actor. At the age of ten, His first role was a guest appearance on the TV series Sirens in 1994. In 1999, he made guest appearances on Real Kids, Real Adventures, La Femme Nikita, The Famous Jett Jackson and Twice in a Lifetime. As well, he played Peter in the TV movie Sea People, starring Hume Cronyn, and made his feature film debut as Daniel in Jacob Two Two Meets the Hooded Fang (1999). The role of Cody in the big budget blockbuster, X-Men (2000), launched Roberts into the big time. Roles in Hollywood pictures such as Get Over It (2001) starring Kirsten Dunst and The House on Turk Street (2002) starring Samuel L. Jackson, were followed by a regular role on the hit TV series Degrassi: The Next Generation. After playing Dean on the show from 2002 to 2003, Roberts moved back into film work, with small roles in Detention (2003), Taking Lives (2004), A Home at the End of the World (2004) and a starring role in Going the Distance (2004). A natural athlete, Shawn Roberts actually performed several of the stunts in the movie, including surfing on top of a moving Winnebago. Most recently he was killed off in the first ten minutes of Land of the Dead. (2005) and is currently filming Cheaper by the Dozen 2 and Skinwalkers.

I am sure we will see more of Shawn in the future, at least I hope so!!

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Educating Michael

I thought I was pretty intelligent. I mean I have some college education and I have lived 45 years, that counts for something right? Okay then I should be able to name three types of fossil fuels, right? Or how long does it take for the sunlight to hit the earth? Well I didn't.

And not being Catholic, I had no idea that the Fisherman's Ring was worn by the Pope.

Playing Trivial Pursuit is only fun if I get History or Entertainment questions. I never liked science. DJ, my two youngest sons, J2 and AT and I played Trivial Pursuit last night. We gave them an advantage and allowed them to have multiple choice answers. DJ didn't need any help, as he got questions like; Who is the friendly Ghost? and What was the name of the Sheriff on the Andy Griffith Show? What was the number on the USS Enterprise?

Why couldn't I get those kind of questions?

And by the way, three types of fossil fuels are; gasoline, oil and coal.

P.S. I have added some new links, check them out!

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Color Fall

Fall should have it's own color. Fall should be a color. Just two weeks ago I took my two youngest boys home. They live in a rural area north of Cincinnati. The drive there is mostly hills, trees and farmland. Two weeks ago the colors along side the road were dull green. Within two weeks the dull green has exploded in the color of autumn.

There is not a more beautiful season than fall. Nature spreads it's palette out completely for us to admire.

Get out and take a walk, enjoy the color fall.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

One of Those Days

Ever have one of those mornings that you know, when you get up it's going to be one of those days. You know the kind, where nothing goes right?
That was me this morning. I knew the minute the alarm went off that I should just stay in bed. But, you have a job, people depend on you, and I like having a paycheck so I get up. As I finish my shower I go to step out and my left leg gives out on me and ...


I fall on my ass in the shower hitting my head on the towel rack on the back wall. Luckily I was able to catch myself so as not to damage anything important. But I now have a headache, and my pride is hurt just a bit. I've heard of people falling in shower before, I just never thought I'd be one of them.

Fortunately since the shower incident, things have been going better. I mean it has to get better than that? Right?

Sunday, October 16, 2005

MAN OF THE WEEK~Reintroduction

Some have asked for me to reintroduce my weekly post which was called "Man of the Week" So I thought I'd give it a try and see how long I can find "hotties" to post that hopefully are not the old run of the mill, Jakes, Brads, and Ians. You know something different and not as common. So here is the first of possibly many weekly installments:

According to his bio on IMDB, he is 33, which I couldn't believe as he looks so much younger and his first acting gig was on May 5, 1998, playing Gage Petronzi in Season 2 Episode 20, titled Go Fish on the Buffy the Vampire Slayer. (I'll have to watch that episode again and check him out). Since then he has stared with major players such as Kate Beckinsale in "Underworld", Anthony Hopkins and Nicole Kidman in "The Human Stain". Now he is in his own FOX TV series, called Prison Break, where he purposely is arrested and incarcerated in the same prison as his brother (played by equally hot Dominic Purcell) in hopes to make a prison break (hence the title) as his brother is falsely imprisoned. Keep an eye on this weeks Man of the Week, as I am sure we will be seeing more of him.


Fright Night 2005

Last night was the night. It was a perfect setting for our annual visit to the what was called this year, "LAND OF ILLUSIONS". A full moon, perfect October weather, the correct amounts of rum & coke,the family and about 10,000 other people!

Yeah, that might be an exaggeration, but the lines were incredibly long. Too long. Well every cloud has a silver lining so lets give the pros and cons of last nights haunted house trip:

We will start with cons:

The bathrooms: Nasty. Well except that there was what I call a piss trough were about 8 -10 men can stand next to each other and piss into a trough. Great way to catch a peek. So I guess we could call that a pro..

The Lines: The only thing that didn't have a line was the bathroom. Probably because they were so filthy, or because the homophobes were just pee shy. There were four different events you could walk through; the Haunted Trails, Krazy Killer Klowns, Dr. Psycho's Estate, and Tomb of Terror. The line for the trail was over and hour. Luckily the actual trail was about 45 minutes. Killer Klowns was another 40 minutes, not worth it. Dr. Psycho was another 35 minute wait and last but not least Tomb of Terror was only 15 minute wait, but that was because it was now after 1:00 a.m. and everyone had left by then. We arrived at 9:45 p.m. Got home at 2:35 a.m.

Other than that it was pretty great night and here's why...

Hot Guys: Besides DJ and I there were other HOT guys there. Many other hot guys there. (not in our party of course) Red and I scoped out the guys most of the night. She of course was looking for herself. I of course, was also looking for her.

Little Soccer Princess: That would be DJ's little sister. She is 15. A doll baby but completely terrified of; EVERYTHING. Chainsaw sounds send her into a running scream. Killer Klowns standing near her cause bladder malfunction. Even other people in line can touch her or jump and she screamed. Always good to take one terrified person on the trip with you. It's worth it.

Event Site: Even though it is a 30 minute drive for us to get to the location of the site, it's worth it as the parking was good for all the people that they had, and the event itself was very well orchestrated. The monsters were very good, the trail was awesome and even the mechanical tricks were great.

But the highlight of our entire evening was going through the haunted trail. Budlight and I headed the party through the trail and at the end they had a field of corn, kind of like the movie "Children of the Corn" or "Jeepers Creepers" with scarecrows hung along the trail. Budlight decided the best way to make sure they were mannequins or real was to grab their crotch. As we went through she would yell out to the group "FAKE" or "REAL" so were hear...fake...fake...fake...fake...REAL! Yeah one of them was real, and she said he was sporting wood. Gives a whole new meaning to HUNG SCARECROWS...Why didn't I think of doing that to warn the others?!

All in all another great Family Fright Night.
So where are we going next weekend?

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Tonight's the Night

Tonight's the night I've been looking forward to for the last two weeks. The Family Fright Night. I know sad huh? A grown man looking forward to haunted houses. But we have so much fun. Of course we have a few drinks first and that makes it even more fun. How many times have you went through a haunted house liquored up. Try it.

The fun part of the whole escapade is that we go with a large group of family, DJ's family. Ranging from 15 - 50 in age and we get more laughs than frights. For instance; "Budlight" (DJ's sister) is 21 and she is scared to death of Mike Meyers. Last year while going through a haunted house, DJ's uncle informed "Mike Meyers" of this fear that Budlight had. He then decided to follow her through the entire haunted house and then began chasing her outside of the house where Budlight proceeded to run into a port-a-let screaming! Now that's fun!

So tonight's the night. I will return tomorrow with horror stories...

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Something Different

The long weekend went well. Yes, I said long weekend. I got Monday off in observance of Columbus Day. The company treated us to lunch at Red Lobster, which was well worth the day off. But before Monday I had a weekend with my boys. We went to a car show on Saturday evening. I'm not into cars, byt they are, and we had a good time. Seeing the old cars was fun and to see the prices these people pay for these cars are unbelievable. The boys really enjoyed it, they gave up spaghetti dinner for the car show, so it must have been worth it.

I took them home on Sunday and the decided I needed a haircut. So I got out the clippers and began to cut my hair. I've been cutting my own hair for sometime now so it wasn't anything unusual. But I wanted something different, so I did it. I cut my hair off. I mean completely off. My hair is about a sixteenth of an inch around my entire head. The hair in my goatee is longer than on my head. Well it is different. DJ likes it. He says it's hot. I think it's weird so today I'm heading to Old Navy to pick up some ball caps. I am sure by Christmas it should be grown back.
Everyone has told me it makes me look younger, so I suppose there is an advantage to it. But oh well, I did it myself so there is no one to blame.

Work has been slow so far this week and the office has been empty the last few days as DJ's grandfather is back in the hospital so his grandmother has been staying at the hospital with him instead of coming into the office. Which is bad for him, but good for me. So another week, and the weekend is on it's way. Ready for the Haunted Houses on Saturday.

Saturday, October 08, 2005

187 Posts Later

Roughly a year ago I moved my blog to Blogger after using another blog host for 6 months. Since then I've have been very happy with Blogger and have no desire to move or get my own blog space as some of my blog friends have done. Mainly because I am not as active blogging as I was a year ago. But who knows maybe in the future. For now I'll remain here satisfied and keep blogging.

As I look back at my post from last year I noticed that no too much has changed in a year. I have moved from the city to the suburbs, and I have added another cat to our home but other than that things have been pretty much the same. This time last year we were in the heat of the Presidential Campaign, and hoping for a change, which as we all know didn't happen. All we have gotten since is more lies and two new Supreme Court Justices, otherwise known as Friends of George. We were also in the midst of the Boston Red Sox break of the curse. This year I don't even have a clue about baseball.

Also last year at this time we were doing the Family Fright Nights. DJ and his family love Halloween and they make their travel across the Greater Cincinnati Area to visit as many haunted houses as possible. This year we are starting this annual family outing next Saturday night when we will return to the Haunted Woods. This year they have added a haunted maze, which sounds like a hell of a lot of fun and terror!

One thing I noticed that I have dropped from my blog entries were the Man of the Week Entries. One of the main reasons for that was I was getting hits on the site for people looking for nudes of celebrities, which I never posted any nudes. (I keep those for my own personal pleasure) So to celebrate my full year on Blogger and my 187 posts I am going to post my choice for not Man of the Week, but my MAN OF THE YEAR... For obvious reasons.

Friday, October 07, 2005

I'm NOT Bea Arthur!

Ajax was talking the other day about what to be for Halloween this year. It reminded me of a day just a few days ago when DJ and I were out shopping and decided to stop in at the Halloween Store and check out costumes. You know get a jump ahead on the newest and hottest Halloween costumes for this season. We looked around and I find nothing that really caught our attention. Then I hear DJ making some kind of groaning, grunting sex noise so I run over to his aisle to see what all the commotion was about. He handed me a costume and says...

"This is hot, you'd look really hot in this. We could just buy it now and you wouldn't even have to wear it at the Halloween party. Just wear it for me...But of course no underwear on under it"

It was a Marc Antony costume. You know like the one that Brad Pitt wore in "Troy"

I tried to imagine me in that costume. The breastplate would hide my bulging mid-section, and the shin-straps on the sandals would accenuate my hot legs. And the skirt (tunic) is pretty hot. I actually thought the huge sword was pretty hot. But for me?

Well I'm sure I'd look better as a Gladiator than I did as Cruella Deville a few years ago. Then there was that time I dressed, well I did drag...
Bea Arthur would have been proud.
Yeah I think I'll go as a Greek Warrior.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Let's Get it Right

All I've wanted to say the last week to my doctors is...Come on let's get it right!

After a week of blood tests, spinal taps and other intrusive medical testing, the doctors have determined that I do not suffer from Diabetes. This is a good thing. I am pleased.

What they have determined though is that I'm suffering from progression of my MS. That is something that is inevitable. The dizziness and weakness is due to damage to some of my Peripheral Nerves and a slight case of Peripheral Neuropathy. Which is common in MS patients. Due to an infection in those damaged nerves my blood pressure and blood glucose levels became erratic.

This is something I can deal with, the MS. I've been dealing with it now for almost 15 years, so I can deal. Dealing with diabetes would have been something a little more difficult, as I love to eat, and love to eat unhealthy. I know I should change my diet, and I have made some changes such as going to diet soda instead of the full blown sugar-ade. I have also been limiting the amount of red meat in my diet and eating leaner meats. All in all I think I can handle this. I am just hoping that DJ can adapt with me.

Going to dinner with Veruca tonight, haven't hung with him in months now. Hopefully we can catch up on everything that has been going on. It will be good to see him again. Hopefully he is managing his mid-life crisis...Kare Bear sent an e-mail last week and she has all moved to Savannah, Georgia with her husband and daughter. Today I seen that tropical storm Tammy is headed that way, figures. She said she would call once they get settled. I hope things go well with them there. Her baby is due soon and maybe, just maybe DJ and I can make a trip down to see them afterwards.

So that's an update for now, got the boys this weekend so surely I will have something to share! Have a great Hump Day.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Sugar Sugar, Oh Honey, Honey

Remember that old Archie's Song from the 60's...Well this is not a posting about that, just wanted to know if you remembered. Sorry for the lack of postings but this has been some kind of week. After returning from vacation I got a little bug. Aching, feeling run down, lightheaded and just plain blah. I attributed to my MS, but it continued to get worse, so off to the doctor I went.

It wasn't my MS. They took blood tests and blood tests and more blood test. Even took an echocardigram. (fancy word for sonogram of the heart). What the doctor determined, by a glucose test and urine test, was that it seemed that I was diabetic. The glucose test of 273 was a dead give away.

So for the past five days I have to "prick" (I finally get to use that word in my blog!) my finger, every 2 hours and check my glucose level and record it to return to the doctor for their amusement. Not to mention I have to give up Mountain Dew, chocolate and all the other wonderful food items that I enjoy so much. Once I give them my report with the additional food intake information, they (being the doctors) will determine the course of action, which is one of three options; change of diet/oral medication/injections. None of these are something I would choose. I'd choose eat what I want, when I want until the day I die. But that really is the reason I'm in this situation, so maybe I better listen to the medical professionals.

So, I've been a little preoccupied this week but I promise to be around a little more this next week. And by the way, Happy October!

Monday, September 26, 2005

Home Again

We are back from vacation and back to the humdrum of life. Vacation was way too short! But we did have a lot of fun. We went camping a few days. Nothing beats getting away from home, phone, computers and people. We found a great camping area in Versailles, Indiana just an hour drive away. It being the off season for camping we almost had the entire camp site to ourselves. So needless to say we had at least one night that we enjoyed nature they way it is supposed to be enjoyed. Yep you guessed it. In the nude. It was a very refreshing experience to sit out under the starts and a campfire with nothing on but a smile. The sex was pretty awesome too!! did you know that picnic tables can be very useful...for more than just picnicing.

When we returned home we didn't do much but just sit around and relax. We went to the Reds game on Saturday night. We sat in the nosebleed section. If you have never experienced a game in that section of a stadium you must! I felt lightheaded the entire time. But the Reds won and we enjoyed our night out. But of course I was in line getting beers when the only home run of the game was hit. Figures. We took my two youngest boys and it was their first time at a game, and I think they really enjoyed it. Silver and his son also went along for the evening and I think everyone was pretty tired by the time we all got home.

Sunday was clean up day, but do to some kind of bug I got I didn't do anything but lay on the sofa the entire day. Today I went back to work still under the weather and wondering what is this thing I have that is causing me to be dizzy headed and weak. Well more so than normal. Of course my hypochondria has me thinking all kinds of rare diseases has invaded my body, but I just think it's a bug and will pass soon.

Anyway, we are home again and our anniversary vacation was a great time. Looking forward to the next five years.

Saturday, September 17, 2005


At 4:00 p.m. today after I put in my 8 hours of labor, I will be out of here for an entire week!!

No big plans or vacation spots planned, but we are thinking about going camping if the weather holds up for us. DJ and will celebrate our 5 year anniversary on the 23rd and it would be nice to celebrate out in nature, under the stars.

So until sometime next week you will not see a post. Unless it gets really really boring on my week vacation.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

SIMS 2 Nightlife

SIMS 2 NIGHTLIFE came out today. And of course as most of you know I am a Sim-aholic. So I ran right out to Target after work today and picked up my copy.

This time the Sims can go downtown while driving their own car!! They can Kareoke and go on dates and even meet vampires. But be careful because they can be bitten and be turned into a vampire as well.

I will be glued to my computer over the next few days, weeks and months I am sure.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

What's His Name?

Today is my first child's birthday. J1 turns 24 today.
Where did the time go? Joe was born after 12 hours of labor and as it was pouring down rain on September 14, 1981.

His mother and I had not decided on a name. I wanted Daniel Joseph, she wanted Jonathon Michael. Even after he was born we still had not decided. After his birth I went out to the waiting room and my grandfather was there waiting with the rest of the family. I looked at him and said...

"How would you like your first Great-Grandchild named after you?"

Tears welled up in his eyes, but he never answered.

My son was named after him.

Happy Birthday Joe.

Friday, September 09, 2005

Money Money Money

No this is not a post to let everyone know I won the lottery. Quite the opposite really. I know that complaining about it is not going to cause money to magically appear in my checking account, but it makes me feel better to bitch.

We had to borrow $1,300 to pay on taxes on the Blazer we bought back in October and for the recent repairs on the Cavalier. That set us back, as it all happened the same week we were moving into our new place. Not to mention the monthly child support payments that I have to pay each month. Which are a week behind now. That wasn't enough, it seems the bank is out to get us.

Tuesday I went to the neighborhood ATM and withdrew $30.00 for lunch, gas and some spending cash for my wallet just in case. When I received my receipt giving my new balance it showed at least $120 less than what I expected. So a call to the bank.

"I'm sorry sir, I can not see why there were 5 overdraft notices applied to your account and it shows you had sufficient amounts to cover any checks that were written. it must have been a glitch in the system. But I am not authorized to correct it."

Then give me someone who is...
Thankfully, two days later the money was returned to our account.

I think it's time to change banks. Or just stuff it under the mattress.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Loving the Gift Certificates

Our House/ Apartment Warming Party was a success. Even though a few people were MIA. But our families showed up and we got loads of new stuff!!

We now have our bathroom completely finished with the matching rugs, towels and decorations. The kitchen is almost there, with a new pretty blue blender. I love colored appliances. Not to mention the new stainless steel electric can opener. (I have yet to figure out how to use it)

We also got our long awaited dining room set. Not the one that we wanted, but even better. It matches everything else we have in the dining room and it was $200 cheaper!! I love family discounts! We got candles, pictures, and the best of all GIFT CERTIFICATES!!

I think Dj was just a little upset when I said...

"I can't wait to spend MY gift certificates."

Yeah, I'm so Monica

Saturday, September 03, 2005

The Autumn of Life

With the travesty that is ongoing in New Orleans and the Gulf Coast I will refrain from complaining about the high gas prices here in Ohio. At least I have a car to drive and my home has not been destroyed by a hurricane. But I have to say the gas prices ARE HIGH.

So high that we are staying home this last weekend of the summer season. But we will be busy. Of course today I have to work (which is where I am posting my blog from), but then Mamma D is having a Labor Day get-together this evening with grilled food, alcohol and more food.

Tomorrow DJ and I will be throwing our own little festivities. Our House/Apartment Warming Party is set for tomorrow at 2:00 p.m. Hopefully we will not be too hung over from tonight so that we can enjoy it. So far we have about 35 people that have said that they will drop in sometime tomorrow bringing gifts and a festive spirit. I love parties, especially when I get gifts!

I also got some news this week. My son J1, who just purchased a new home has also purchased a one carat diamond engagement ring for his girlfriend, 'Lil Bit. They have been together for almost two years, and now they are living together in their new home, so I knew that this day was soon approaching. Not sure when he is going to actually give it to her, but I am sure I will be getting a call. Could it mean grand kids in the horizon????

Hey it may be September but I'm not ready for the autumn of my life to be here!

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Living with MS

In 1991, at the age of 31 I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. At the time I suffered temporary paralysis and spent several weeks hospitalized. Since then I have had 5 major surgeries, all due to complications with this disease.

For the past 14 years I have been on several different drugs, most recently Interferon Beta 1a, which in 1999 I stopped taking and now have an injection once a year or so of a new drug, similar to the interferon. Most of the time I live my life day to day with little or no symptoms of the MS. But with the type of MS that I have; relapsing-remitting MS , my symptoms can come and go; be minor or can be a major problem. So far I have been blessed and have not had much problems until recently.

Over the last several months I have seen an increase of severe leg pain and cramping, increase of Acid Reflux (which can also be caused by MS), and blurred vision. Over the last few days the pain in my legs has been severe. Now I have a new symptom that I have not had before. A sharp electrical type shock sensation with buzzing while moving my head, which is called L'Hermittes. Most of my symptoms I just pass off as getting older. But this one is quite aggravating. I certain way I move my head and ZAP! I wonder if the Bionic Man had those types of sensations? After placing a call in to my doctor, at the Mayo Clinic, he assured me that these symptoms would dissipate and that no major damage was being done to my spinal cord or brain. Easy for him to say, he's not the one experiencing a cow prod going through his head.

I say all of this not to complain, or whine, but to express myself. I know that DJ gets tired of hearing me say that my legs hurt and no one else seems to understand this disease, mainly because they can not see it with their eye, until the disease has ravaged the body. For years doctors thought I was a hypochondriac, until a gifted Doctor suggested I be tested for MS.

So from time to time, if I fail to post, or I get on here and whine, it's just for me to express myself, while dealing with what I refer to as "my disease" I'm grateful that I have had little or no problems with this disease over the years and I am sure that this current barrage of symptoms will pass as well.

For those of you interested in MS or ways to help fight the disease there are many web sites and organizations working to find a cure. One that I have recently found is through Clay Walker, the country artist, Website. Clay who also suffers from the disease is working to raise money to help find a cure. Check out his website here to learn more.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Geeks & Jocks

For over the past 24 hours, every news station, radio station and conversation around the water coolers in Cincinnati has been about the "removal" of Bob Huggins as the Head Coach of the University of Cincinnati Basketball team. Even in Miami, Florida, this made the news.

Needless to say I'm am not, nor ever have been a big sports enthusiast. I've been to a few Reds games, one Bengals game and I have never been to a college sports game. It may have to do with the fact that in High School we had a very "important" basketball team. As I worked diligently to maintain my grades, the "jocks" on the basketball team were able to float through their classes, maintaining the same grade as I, and many times weren't even in class. A double standard that still exists in that High School to this day.

Jump ahead 25 years and now the major news story of the day in Cincinnati is the ouster of the head coach. Granted, Bob Huggins has done a lot for the school and the city. Before his tenure, UC Basketball was nowhere on the map. They are now a National name. But just last year he was arrested for a DUI twice! What kind of role model is that? The bottom line for me, is he left UC with 3 million plus. The average salary for a tenured professor at UC is only $80,000 a year. A head coach, who's graduation rate for his players is only about 45% leaves or is ousted and gets 3 million plus and National Headlines. Yet, a professor who educates our next generation of doctors, lawyers, engineers, and possible new governors and senators only makes about $72,000 to $80,000. But when they resign, retire or are let go, does that make the news?

It's sad to think that entertainment is more important than quality education. It's not only in Cincinnati, but across the nation. This was the case in 1978, and will continue to be the case 25 years from now. Entertainers, sports stars and the like will continue to make the money, while those of us that work every day just to get by will continue to live as we have for years. Thank goodness for the few geeks like Bill Gates and those like him that made it based on their intellect. There is a chance for some of us.

To Bob Huggins, I say goodbye to an era and enjoy your 3 million. To Pres. Nancy Zimpher of UC, who is academically minded and who doesn't like Huggins' history or philosophy...I say hats off.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

The New Christian Agenda?

I spent the first 34 years of my life in the church. I worked, prayed, played and sang for God and worshipped His Son, Jesus Christ. I still have a very strong belief and relationship with God. No, I do not attend church, these days as I feel it has become run by men and women and their ideas, loosing the real teachings of Jesus, but that is an opinion for another blog entry.

When I logged onto AOL this morning I was appalled at the headlines.
PREACHER WANTS LEADER KILLED. See who is on Pat Robertson's Hit List.

When I attended Church and also attended Bible School, I was taught to love one another as Christ loved his church. Since when does being a Christian mean to talk of assassinating leaders of other countries? I know that Hugo Chavez is an evil man, and yes, probably a threat to the U.S., but plotting an assassination? I am sure that he is not the first leader that the U.S. has wanted to assassinate. I mean it is common knowledge that Kennedy had a plot to do the same to Castro. But for a supposedly Christian leader to issue this kind of statement? Pat Robertson has shown his true colors before, and has unsuccessfully (thank God) run for the Presidency. This time the man has really went over the edge. What will be next? Kill all people that do not follow the same twisted opinions as Pat Robertson? All Democrats. Exterminated? All Homosexuals. Eradicated? All non-believers. Crucified? This man has truly become today's answer of a Pharisee. The sad thing is that many of his followers agree with him.

I pray, in my own feeble way, that this man does not speak for the entire Christian community.

Step aside Pat Robertson.

Friday, August 19, 2005

Car Trouble and TV Trays

So, you remember the time that we were moving and I went out that morning to start the car, and it had died?

Well let me refresh your memory...

DJ and I bought a new car back in February. A Blazer actually. Made by Chevrolet. He was going to sell his 1999 Cavalier and we would be a one car family. Well the alternator went out in it, so he failed to sell it. So when we decided to move into the suburbs, we were going to have to have two automobiles, so he went and bought a new alternator and he and his Uncle Redneck, put a new alternator in. All set, ready to go, let's move.

Well the morning of our move I went out to start the Cavalier and it refused to start. So, back to the drawing board. It actually took us two weeks, three different alternators until Mamma D, finally gave DJ the advise to take it to a mechanic and have the repairs done. Fast forward two days, and the car was ready. Fixed and set to go. I went to the shop to pick it up, and within four minutes of driving, the engine light came back on...the next morning no start. Dead again.

The mechanic paid to have the car towed back to their shop (he had better have paid for it!) and by the end of the day everything was taken care of. New fuses were added, a new alternator, and belts, and $238.00 poorer, we had 2 cars again.

So yesterday DJ had to get the "E Check". For those of you not aware of what that is, it's the governments way of pulling more money out of you for driving a car, that is unsafe to the enviorment. They check for proper use of gas and oil and if it doesn't pass their test, then you are unable to have it licensed. I think it is discriminatory against the lwer income driver, who can not afford a new car. But that is another blog entry for another day.

When he went out yesterday to do this stupid test, guess what? The engine light was on. That is an immediate FAILURE. (Of course unless your brother works at the E Check garage and will pass it for you. Which neither of us do). So back to GOODYEAR, he went.

This time it was the fan motor, belt and casing (what ever the hell a casing is). Another $385.00 for parts and labor. Not to mention the $24.00 for the E test, and $48 for the new license.

Now because of these added, unexpected expenses we can not purchase the dining room ensemble that I wanted to get this weekend.

It is reprehensible that I have lived in my new place now for over two weeks, without a dining room table or chairs...

Come on, where are my priorities? Using TV trays for dinner is vogue isn't it? Please tell me it is, because it looks as though that is going to be the way it is around here for a few more weeks.

The house-warming is set for September 4th, I HAVE to have them by then.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Hey Jude

It looks as though Jude Law was letting things all hang out recently while vacationing with his kids. Thank JOEY for the link and pictures, you are a doll!!

Maybe this little stunt was just a papparazzi shot, this could have been staged. It seems according to Yahoo news that Mr. Law has the best rear-end in movies according to the Brits...

"The actor's unplanned nude scene came just days after he was determined to have the sexiest rear end in show biz, according to a poll of 1,000 British moviegoers, who voted for Law based on his bath scene in The Talented Mr. Ripley. "

Regardless of why, or how, we say thank you Jude. You haven't let us down...

Speaking of showing yourself. I had an experience today that I haven't had. Yeah go figure, at 45 and not experienced everything. Anyway, I work in the service industry, in a part of town that you do not see too many good looking people, especially men. Those that do come in have teeth missing or so many tattoos you are not sure what their original skin color may be. But this guy walked in, about 25 or so. HOT. I mean drop dead HOT. Dark hair, dark eyes, nice build, and a great tan. Yes, my mouth was watering. He came in to purchase moving boxes. He smiles and looks at me and says...

"You got a bathroom I can use?"
"Sure, right back to the left."

He walks back to the bathroom which is in full view of the front door and my desk and whips out his manhood, and takes a piss leaving the door standing wide open.

Yes, I looked.
Yes, it was as nice as everything else about him.
Yes, he washed his hands.

He came back paid for his boxes and told me to have a good day.

Thanks, I will now.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Adding My Picture

I've added a new picture to my blog, and moblog. It's of me, of course. No I'm not really that vain, but...Okay yes I am. It's one of my favorites taken last summer in front of my parents home. I found it while unpacking and thought I'd share.

Monday, August 15, 2005

Summer Flu

I hate getting sick. And the worst is the flu. Even worse than that is getting it in the summer. I woke up Saturday feeling a little "puny" and by Saturday night I was out of it. The whole gamut of symptoms. I spent my only day off Sunday, in bed with a damn "Breath Right" strip over my nose.

Today I still have the lingering effects. Headache, body aches and the congestion and a slight fever. But I still went to work. Hopefully it will have run it's course by the end of the week. Until then I guess me and the bed will be friends.

Saturday, August 13, 2005


After two weeks were are finally settling into a routine at our new place. Routine. I hate that word, but we all follow a routine, don't we? Our transportation issues have cleared up and we both now have a vehicle to get back and forth to work. Now if we could just pay for the gas! Do you believe the prices!? I paid $2.57 a gallon on Wednesday to fill up. Absolutely ridiculous. Talk about a change in the routine. That makes you think twice about driving out to do some window shopping. But then again, all you Bush lovers asked for it. I'm sure his pocket book doesn't fell the crunch. Just remember all this come November 2008.

Last Saturday we had our first guest over to the new place for dinner. Silver came over and spent the evening with us, and we talked about all the things we still wanted to do to the place, and then settled in for a night of Big Brother. Now I'm not a big TV watcher, but those boys on Big brother this year, are just not quite as hot as last year. Silver routinely keeps us informed of all the reality shows and the hotties.

I also talked to my friend Kare-Bear this past week. It sounds like her hands are full. Her husband is re-locating to Savannah, Ga. and they are going to be moving there sometime in September. But there's one catch. Her ex-husband is fighting the move. He filed an injunction because he does not want his daughter to leave the state. So it sounds like a simple move has become a nightmare for Kare-Bear and the clan. What is sad is the effect this will have on Kare-Bear's daughter. Think about the kid, stop worrying about what this effect has on you and your routine daddy.

We still have a few boxes to go through, but those are pushed way back into a closet, so we will probably get to them in November, but for the most part routine has settled in.

Sunday, August 07, 2005

Week of Chaos

Well the move is completed. No, it didn't take an entire week, but this has been one of the longest weeks in most recent memory. As noted in my last post, we started the move off on the wrong foot when we awoke last Saturday morning to a car that wouldn't start. It was finally fixed yesterday! More on that later, but first the week in review; It took us almost four hours to load our moving truck. DJ, Silver, my two sons, Silver's son and DJ's cousin, "Horse", loaded it. Of course I worked the majority of the day, so by the time I got off most of the truck was loaded already (good for me!). Once we were loaded, DJ took the truck back to my place of employment to secure it for the night as we could not move into the new place until the following afternoon. Unbeknownst to DJ was that the security alarm had been activated at my office. You guessed it, they set off the alarm. So after my son AT crawled under the security fence and then entered the office, he officially committed breaking and entering, at age 12. Luckily we called the police in time and told them that it was set off by mistake, no harm.

We then had to stay all night at Mama D's place. With our three cats. She has three dogs and two cats of her own so needless to say, our cats were spooked and stayed under the bed the entire time they were there. The morning came complete with a great breakfast and cooler weather, and about 16 people to help unpack. We unloaded the truck in less than 45 minutes. Again I carried in very little.

Move completed, now just unpacking boxes. (Which I am still doing) Now Monday morning. Still no car by the way, so up at the crack of dawn so that DJ could take me to work I played the answering machine when I arrived and message number three was left on Sunday at 12:40;
"Michael, this is your mom. I know you are moving and you have no phone until Tuesday but I wanted you to know that I had an episode of something yesterday with my blood pressure and I had to be rushed to the hospital. But I'm ok" The last part she said with a broken voice, she was NOT ok. I just knew it. So for the next four hours I tried frantically to find her or someone to let me know what was going on with mom. Finally at three in the afternoon I contacted her. Fortunately, she was ok, and was released on Thursday, with no diagnosis other than cluster migraines which caused her blood pressure to jump up and down.

Tuesday we took the boys back home and finally DJ and I were abled to have the new place all to ourselves. The week did get progressively better, and after three tries the car is finally repaired. A faulty alternator (whatever that is) was our problem.

So here we are a week later and finally settled. The bottom line is, We love the place and we are both ecstatic. Chaos yes, but how boring would life be without it?

Saturday, July 30, 2005

Moving Day

Today is the move. Not a good start on the day though. of course I have to work today, so i got up early and went out to the car. NOTHING. Dead. So I had to walk to work today. I've already been into it with 2 rude ass customers today and the day has really just started. Let's hope that once I'm out of here that the rest of the day goes much better.

Found out today that the new place does not have the capability for HIGH SPEED INTERNET!! YIKES. So it seems I will have to go back to using dial-up. So Until I can see what is up with that, I may not be able to post, except from work. But I promise new pictures as soon as we get moved in and settled.

Hello Suburbia!

Friday, July 29, 2005

Birthday Boy

No, It's not my birthday again, God forbid. It's the son's birthday today. J2 turns 15 today. The picture here is one of my favorites, he was around 2 when this was taken. He hasn't changed too much except for the fact that he is almost as tall as dad.

J2 was a surprise. His mother and I were told that after our daughter was born, and my ex's bout with cervical cancer that the chances of her conceiving another child was almost null. 6 years later, NULL was born! He is a joy and as a child very content and always smiling. Now as a teenager, who knows. But he still seems content, and most of the time he is smiling. He is currently experiencing First Love. He and a young girl have been "going out" for four months. Constantly on the phone, and constantly talking about her. Yep, my son is growing up. Happy Birthday J2! Dad loves ya!

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

There's Gold In Them There Hills

Today I met two gay men. A Couple. Matthew and Darren Mahone. Matthew was a ruggedly built 40ish black male and Darren was a lithe 30-something white male. They called to rent a trailer that would carry what belongings they had left after selling everything, to go to California. It kind of reminded me of the Gold Rush in the 1800's where everyone sold what they had to start over in the west and with dreams of gold in their eyes. Matthew and Darren looked that way today. The only difference between them and the men that went to California in the 1800's is that Matthew and Darren were a gay couple. They derived their last name from a mixture of both of their previous last names that they were born with. They wore matching wedding bands and finished each other's sentences. They decided that it was time in their relationship to start over. Together for six years they decided they wanted something different, but with each other. Darren who was originally from Florida and Matthew who was raised in several different states, decided on California. They seemed happy, excited and full of hope of something new. In a way I envied them.

DJ and I are happy. Very happy. After almost 5 years I feel that our relationship is still growing and maturing. We experience new things every day together. Last night for instance was something new and really exciting, but that is for another time, and not to discuss on the blog! But, lately my routine is getting the best of me. Getting up, going to work, coming home, having dinner, watching TV together, getting on the computer, staying up way too late, going to bed and then doing it all over again. But moving to California would not change my routine. But I still was a little green about Matthew and Darren. I really don't know why, but it seemed they had something.

When I came home tonight DJ and I did our normal routine, (in the midst of packing for our move on Saturday) and then he started to bed, and I of course am on the computer. He came in kissed me goodnight and went to bed. I watched him walk to the bedroom, call for Willow and I saw something. Something that has always been there, but I just hadn't looked in a while. Strength, Love, Devotion, Stability and Peace. Suddenly I didn't feel envious of Matthew and Darren anymore. I have all I need. He is what I need. He is what I've needed since I was a child. Hell, I don't have to move clear across the country to find that. I have it right here. I'll have it next week when we move clear across the city to our new place, and I pray I'll have for years to come.

So I decided tonight that I'm starting over. Not in a big way. But in myself. Change my routine. Devote more energy to DJ, my kids, my family and my friends. Those are the things that are important and what keep us going. Matthew and Darren are starting over in a new city and state. Good for them I wish them all the best. I'm starting over in a new attitude and a new routine. Sometimes we need that.

I'm glad I saw what I had tonight. Thanks Matthew and Darren for making me realize that again. I hope you boys find gold out there in California, I've already found mine.

Take Two M&M's And Call Me in the Morning

The miracles of modern medicine. My favorite candy coated chocolate could very possibly have medicinal purposes! Give me that bag of m&m's NOW! Steph & Alek over at OhLaLa posted this story. Could it be that M&M's could cure heart disease, prevent strokes, and taste good all at the same time? Please tell me it's so, and not just an advertising gimmick to sell more of those colorful little "pill" like candies.

But if that is the case, will we have to have a prescription to savor those chocolate morsels? Plus pay a visit to our doctor in order to get that said prescription? What if I overdose on those succulent little chocolate, candy coated wonders? Oh, I don't even want to think about that. Then before you know it, they will be selling them on the streets illegally instead of using them for fundraising. Can you imagine melting them down into liquid form and shooting them into your arm? What a waste!

No, please tell me it ain't so! Please tell me that those friendly little candies from my youth and beyond will still be on sell at the local corner store or supermarket!! And the worse thing will be when they ban those cute talking M&M's boys from advertising on TV. I can't even imagine the horrors!!

First they put women's clothing on sale at men's clothing stores and now this, is nothing sacred?

Monday, July 25, 2005

Sweatin' It

Everyone is talking about the heat. From California to New York. It's been HOT! The weatherman said that our high today would be 97, but at 2:00 today when I went to the bank, the thermometer read 102! I can not remember when it was that hot. Luckily our air conditioning is working at home and at work. Can you imagine what this heat would be like without air conditioning? I guess I'm not quite that old, but I do know that at one time people didn't have air conditioning, how did they survive? We are fortunate.

Speaking of old, today my parents celebrate 46 years of wedded bliss. Not sure how much bliss is really involved, but at least they seem to love each other even after all these years. That's a long time to be married to the same person. How my mother did it, I don't know. She must really love him. Just kidding, I'm sure Dad has not been all bad. But in this day and time, it's a very rare thing for people to be married 10 years, not to mention 40 plus. Dad said it wasn't as hot on this day 46 years ago, but he was sweating pretty bad. I bet he was! Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!

We are still packing. Yes, it seems that it will never end, but we are almost there. Everything but our kitchen is packed. (And of course the computer, which will be packed last.) We are set to load everything Saturday night, pick up the key to the new place Sunday afternoon, and unload. It will take weeks before I have everything where I want it, and before we can go through all these damn boxes and find everything. But it will be worth it. Soon. Or at least I keep telling myself that. Soon I will be in the lap of suburbia. Oh, Lord what have I done????