Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Something Different

The long weekend went well. Yes, I said long weekend. I got Monday off in observance of Columbus Day. The company treated us to lunch at Red Lobster, which was well worth the day off. But before Monday I had a weekend with my boys. We went to a car show on Saturday evening. I'm not into cars, byt they are, and we had a good time. Seeing the old cars was fun and to see the prices these people pay for these cars are unbelievable. The boys really enjoyed it, they gave up spaghetti dinner for the car show, so it must have been worth it.

I took them home on Sunday and the decided I needed a haircut. So I got out the clippers and began to cut my hair. I've been cutting my own hair for sometime now so it wasn't anything unusual. But I wanted something different, so I did it. I cut my hair off. I mean completely off. My hair is about a sixteenth of an inch around my entire head. The hair in my goatee is longer than on my head. Well it is different. DJ likes it. He says it's hot. I think it's weird so today I'm heading to Old Navy to pick up some ball caps. I am sure by Christmas it should be grown back.
Everyone has told me it makes me look younger, so I suppose there is an advantage to it. But oh well, I did it myself so there is no one to blame.

Work has been slow so far this week and the office has been empty the last few days as DJ's grandfather is back in the hospital so his grandmother has been staying at the hospital with him instead of coming into the office. Which is bad for him, but good for me. So another week, and the weekend is on it's way. Ready for the Haunted Houses on Saturday.

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joey said...

I've been really tempted to cut mine that way myself, but I have a feeling I would be in line with you at Old Navy. Everyone says I look hot (and younger) when I get mine cut short, but I don't see it. I'd just like the ease I guess.