Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Let it Snow

Home again today. Two days in a row due to the weather. Yesterday we received about 4 inches of the white stuff, then last night freezing rain headed in as it rained most of the night, adding about an inch of ice to what was already on the ground. Now this morning I awaoke at 5:55 a.m. and looked outside to a sheet of ice in our parking lot, and freezing rain still falling from the sky.

By 7:00 a.m., the ice was now snow again and they are saying that we could see another 4-6 inches of this stuff on top of what we already have. Due to the ice there are broken tree limbs and yes, power lines down all over the place. We are currently on a level 3 snow emergency, so that means, no one is to be on the roads.

I am not getting out, so I say...

Let it Snow!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Long Week...

It's been a very long week. Monday was a holiday, so that was a plus, thanks to Martin Luther King! But from that point on this week has seemed to have flown by. Tuesday we moved into our new office at work. It is very nice and accommodating, and has all the amenities one would need for a safe, pleasant and enjoyable work experience. At least it will have once all the kinks have been worked out. With a move of that magnitude there were some issues. Mostly electrical and to do with our IT Department. Overall they have done a tremendous job, it's just somewhat unsettling this week at work.

Thursday Adam had to be admitted back into the hospital for his third session of chemo, and that was an ALL day extravaganza. See his blog for his current status. Friday night I stayed all night at the hospital with him, and yesterday was a half work day, and then home. It really seems like home has not been a place where I have spent much time this past week.

We did receive some good new this week. Adam was selected for the Make-a-Wish foundation and he gets to make a wish, and it is granted. Well besides a car, he already asked and they don't give those as gifts. He is currently looking at a possible Hawaii vacation for himself, his mother, stepfather, myself, Dan and his brother J2. Once his treatments are completed he will make the decision and finalization will be made. We are looking to the future and this makes it a little brighter for all of us, especially Adam.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Ninety-Five Days

95 days is the amount of days that I have been smoke free! Yes, I have actually stopped smoking! I have not said much about it on the blog as I did not want to jinx myself, but I really feel I have quit once and for all!

No, my son being diagnosed with cancer did not prompt this move, I had decided long before we knew about that to quit. It was just becoming an obsession with me. Every time I got into my car, I lit up. Every time i ate, after eating I lit up. While playing on the computer (which is almost 24/7) I would light up. I was up to smoking two packs a day. Not only was it an obsession, it was truly effecting me in ways I knew, but didn't want to see.

I would walk up the three flights of steps to get to my apartment and I would be out of breath. I was diagnosed with diabetes last year, and you can not tell me that smoking did not contribute to that. I felt tired all the time, and food was disgusting...well not that disgusting.
It is amazing how better I feel and how much better food tastes. And I don't smell like an old nasty ashtray anymore. Now I am called a born-again non smoker, as I can not even handle the smell of it.

How did I do it? I'd like to say I did it through my own will power, but unfortunately I had to have a little help. I call them my happy pills. Wellbutrin, really helped me overcome the desire and the cravings for the tobacco. Hey whatever it takes, right?

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Thomas the Train

Saturday night I received a lesson in engines. Train engines that is. From my two-year old grandson. I learnt all about Thomas, James, Gordan and Henry, just to name a few! It amazes me that a two year old is so engrossed in a cartoon show.

But then that should not surprise me that much, I mean it was Sesame Street in my day, now it is Thomas the Train and Spongebob Square pants.

My Grandson let me know right away when he arrived at my home what our agenda was going to be. When I turned on TV it was on HLN (Headline News). His response to the was..."What this crap?" and then was proceeded with.."We watch Thomas!" Wherein at that point he pulled out his DVD collection.

Yes, Thomas the Train it was.

Sunday, January 04, 2009

I See Dead People...

In my dreams. Not like right now, here in front of me, but in my dreams. The last week or so I have been dreaming about people I once knew that are now dead. In my dreams they are not dead and it is not a dream where it happened before they died, but in the current time. I am the age I am now, regardless of how old I was when they actually died.

Normally dreams are not a big deal to me, but many times I have had dreams of loved ones that have died, and then I hear that they actually have died, like a premonition. But these are different types of dreams, these are of people that are already dead, some of them for a very long time. So I decided I needed to have these dreams interpreted, so off to the world wide web!

Each link I found regarding dreaming of dead people, told me a different reason as to why I was seeing dead people in my dreams. Some said that it was my mind telling me I no longer needed these people or the relationship I once had. No shit?! They are dead, I certainly do not have a relationship with these people any longer.

Another said that I was dreaming of these dead people to warn me not to make the same mistakes they did. lady was killed by her husband, another lived to be 92, what mistakes did they make that I need to avoid? Living to be 92 or being with a psychotic?

Overall after reading these many interpretations of why we dream of dead people I come to the conclusion that no one really knows why. So I am going to take my grandmother's interpretation (yes, she is now dead, and yes she was one of the people I dreamed about) She always told me that "When you dream of someone who has died, they are just paying you a visit."

I know that sound kind of eery, but I like it.

Saturday, January 03, 2009

2009 Update

I know it has been a month since my last real post, however with Adam's diagnosis and hospital visits, the holidays and moving, time has just not allowed me to post as much as I would like. So for a quick update...

ADAM: He is doing very well. He has had two sessions of chemo already and is tolerating them extremely well. The tumors have already went down considerably. At least the ones we can see, the ones in the lung we are not sure of yet. A pet scan is going to be done on the 12th of January and once we get the results we will know if the chemo is doing what it is supposed to be doing. You can follow his journey with Hodgkins at his blog ADAM'S JOURNEY

HOLIDAYS: The same as last year only we are all another year older. Actually Christmas was very nice and it was good to have all the family together again. My daughter came down from Columbus on Christmas Eve, so all four of my kids were here as were my grand kids. It was very nice. DJ and i did not exchange gifts this year, however we did buy some new rings for one another. they are titanium carbide, and look very nice with one single diamond in the center. This is the first time in the almost 9 years we have been together that we have really nice rings.
New Years was uneventful, well not really, but i can not share right now. I will let you know in a few days what the "secret" is. We had a little get together New Years Eve with DJ's family, which is always nice. I enjoy his family and the bond they seem to have. It is good to bring in the new year with them.

MOVING: Yes, we have moved again. Just down the street into a two bedroom apartment. With Adam spending more and more time with us, I felt it was time to get him and J2 their own room to share when they are here. The place is very nice and has not only two bedrooms but two baths as well! That is almost a necessity with four "almost" men in the house.

Thursday, January 01, 2009