Sunday, January 04, 2009

I See Dead People...

In my dreams. Not like right now, here in front of me, but in my dreams. The last week or so I have been dreaming about people I once knew that are now dead. In my dreams they are not dead and it is not a dream where it happened before they died, but in the current time. I am the age I am now, regardless of how old I was when they actually died.

Normally dreams are not a big deal to me, but many times I have had dreams of loved ones that have died, and then I hear that they actually have died, like a premonition. But these are different types of dreams, these are of people that are already dead, some of them for a very long time. So I decided I needed to have these dreams interpreted, so off to the world wide web!

Each link I found regarding dreaming of dead people, told me a different reason as to why I was seeing dead people in my dreams. Some said that it was my mind telling me I no longer needed these people or the relationship I once had. No shit?! They are dead, I certainly do not have a relationship with these people any longer.

Another said that I was dreaming of these dead people to warn me not to make the same mistakes they did. lady was killed by her husband, another lived to be 92, what mistakes did they make that I need to avoid? Living to be 92 or being with a psychotic?

Overall after reading these many interpretations of why we dream of dead people I come to the conclusion that no one really knows why. So I am going to take my grandmother's interpretation (yes, she is now dead, and yes she was one of the people I dreamed about) She always told me that "When you dream of someone who has died, they are just paying you a visit."

I know that sound kind of eery, but I like it.

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