Sunday, March 24, 2013

Working Again!

It didn't take me long....thank goodness, I got a new job! Went to an interview on Friday at a local Pharmaceutical company (within walking distance to my home) and walked out with the job!

Yes, it's a big cut in pay, and I am starting at the bottom and will need to work my way up, but I am excited and looking forward to the challenge. It's in a whole different line of work as I will be doing accounts receivables, and other various duties, but I have my foot in the door.  It is a fast growing company and lots of room for advancement and the potential to move up is there.  They really loved my resume and even said I was over-qualified for the position, but they see my potential and really need my experience and are looking forward to my addition to the company.

So one door closed and another opened.  Who knows where this will lead, but I am looking forward, not backward. So many new things in my life this year. My own place, a new job, now maybe a new man???

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Good...But Not Good Enough.

Today I joined the multitudes of Americans on the unemployment line. Yes, after six and a half years I was let go yesterday. Their reson? Failure to produce required quotas. A law firm, not a factory or assembly line, but a law firm. After six years of being a valued employee, and and outstanding employee (their words to me yesterday) they no longer feel that I have what it takes.

Since my stroke a year and a half ago, I have felt like they have been trying to get rid of me. I was one of the oldest employees, and made a good income, one of the higher paid employees, so I knew my time was limited, as their profit margins have decreased over the past three years substantially, so what better way to make thier ends meet? Get rid of high paid seasoned employees.

Now I go back to job interviews, reading want ads, claiming unemployment and hoping something happens, SOON!

Another chapter has started on this never ending story of my reality.

Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Rules? There are Rules to Dating??

Well, I have a date. A first date. It's been a while since I had a date.  I mean a real date, like going to dinner, conversation and getting to know someone date. Not sure if I remember how it's done... Surely it will come back to me... So here are my rules of a first date.


1. Don't let him carry the conversation:
There is surely something you can talk about and share in the conversation, don't let him have the whole night, this is my date too!
2.  Do not be a conversation hog:
I need to learn to be comfortable with pauses in the conversation; I don't need to fill the silence with words. He is sizing me up and thinking, even if it appears that he is doing nothing. He also doesn't want my life story in one sitting, Lord knows I could tell it. But I need to leave some mystery for him to discover over time.
3. Don't discuss past relationships:
Even if the last relationship was a good, which mine was, this is not the time to discuss.  If You trash talk the ex, that will leave a bad taste in his mouth, and if you talk to kindly and well of the ex, he may get the idea that you are still hung up on him. Don't ask him about his past relationships either, he will tell you in time...if there is another time.
4. Don't Get too heavy:
No reason to discuss, politics, religion, world affairs, this is a first date, get to know one another first. These things will come up later, again if there is a later.
5. Be Myself:
No reason to put on 'airs" or be something I am not. Be who I am, if he likes that fine, if not fine, at least I am not being someone I am not. Have to be honest with myself!

So with all that said, I am looking forward to this date. He is the one that has made all the prompts, so we will see how things go.