Tuesday, January 31, 2006

And We're Off...

Nominations for the Academy Awards were announced today, and there were some surprizes. But first let's see how I did with my predictions...
In the Male Actor Category I got 4 out of five. Terrance Howard was nominated, which I chose Russell Crowe, but with his recent legal problems, the Academy probably decided to pass over him.
In the Female Actress Category, again I got 4 out of 5, The Academy nominated Keira Knightly instead of my choice Ziyi Zhang from Memoirs of a Geisha.
The Male Supporting category I was surprised the Don Cheadle wasn't nominated, but veteran actor and former Academy winner, William Hurt was, so again 4 out of 5.
And in the Female Supporting category I only chose four as I was undecided, but I chose all four correctly and the Academy chose Amy Adams, from the movie Junebug as their fifth choice.
The big surprise for me was the Movie nominations. I really thought Hustle & Flow would have garnered a nomination, but instead Steven Spielberg's Munich was given the nod. So again, 4 out of 5. Not bad, so I give myself a 90%.
Let me think on these nominations and I will give my predictions of the winners in a few days.

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Keeping Tabs

I am currently reading my newest selection from Insight/Out Book Club; Tab Hunter Confidential. I joined just a week or so ago and immediately opened this book first. Being a huge fan of movies and movie stars I found his story compelling and was hoping to find out which other hot Hollywood hunks Tab secretly bedded. Unfortunate for me it was not one of those "tell-all" books. But it does come loaded with other juicy Hollywood tidbits, and gives you his account of how Hollywood controlled their stars back in the 40's and 50's. Even though he was gay, and most of Hollywood was aware of his sexuality, it was never spoken of, but always hidden. Sort of like Don't Ask, Don't Tell. But if you are looking to keep tabs on Tab, not too much is here. I did find him forthright and honest in his book, and a perfect gentleman. He would be someone I would like to meet as he sounds like a really down to earth guy who enjoyed his life and made the best of what he had.

It also has several photos taken in Tab's glory years, one of which I found revealing...
For reasons you can guess.
The guy standing next to Tab is ballet star Rudolf Nureyev whom Tab had a brief fling according to the memoir.

Tab was a really hot guy in his day, and now at almost 75 years old, he still has his looks!

So if you like Hollywood and Movie Stars and their History I recommend this book, if not just get it for the pictures!

Wednesday, January 25, 2006


Ever felt like half a person? Like you just were not all there? Well yesterday I had my annual routine check-up at the UC Neuro Center for my MS. This is an annual event where there run diagnostics to determine if and where the disease has progressed. It also allows me to have the newest in technology tested on me.

I began experiencing some strange sensations on Sunday evening. It felt as though I had suffered a sunburn on my things, but I have not been out in the sun in months. So I explained this to my Doctor during the exam. This gave me the opportunity to test out the latest in their ever increasing gamit of techno toys. I was given a shot in my spine, which totally immobilized me from the waist down. Totally paralyzed. Nothing. Nill.

Once this was done I was hoisted into a C-Scan like machine and pictures were taken of my lower spinal area where it the MS has been gnawing. So for the next 12 hours I had almost no mobility in the lower half of my body. He said the effects of this test could last from two hours to two days. Oh joy!!! Fortunate for me I awoke this morning with my typical leg pains and cramps, so the numbness and paralysis had subsided.

The doctors have determined that my MS is progressing, unfortunately faster than it has in years. So their next determination is what they can do if anything to slow the progress. I know one thing for certain, I much rather like dealing with the pain and the cramps and the sunburned, tingling sensations than I did only having the mobility of half my body!

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Want Some Hives With That?

A few days back DJ and I went to a local adult store and purchased some new lubricant, as we were out. I know, not something you prefer me to discuss, but do continue, as I am sure you will enjoy the outcome.

So we bought something we had not used before, a warming lubricant, from the makers of WET, a lubricant we had used before, just not the warming kind.

So Last night DJ decided to give me a back massage as my back had been bothering me, and to also get into the mood. So he used the new lubricant warming gel. It felt wonderful, and before long we were in the throws of passion. Afterward I laid there a few minutes and realized that my back was no longer warm, but actually hot and stinging. As well as itching like mad. We both went into the bathroom and found out that I am apparently allergic to this type of lubricant as my entire back was breaking out into hives. Not to mention some other regions of my body.

Fortunate for me we had some Aveeno cream which after I showered, DJ applied to the effected areas and soon all was well again.

Next time I will follow the directions when first using lubricant for the first time.

Please use in a small area first for signs of itching, burning or any other allergic reactions.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Unstable Uranus

When slow-moving planets form aspects, the effects can
last for weeks. On a day when the aspect is exact, however, we can feel the
energy in its purest form. Today, restrictive Saturn forms an irritating
quincunx with unstable Uranus, making it difficult to find the right proportion
between holding things steady and making changes to the status quo. Fear of
failure may hold us back, but as the Moon enters graceful Libra we can get
glimpses of the elusive balance we seek. The transition may come sooner than we
think as the Sun shifts into eclectic Aquarius early tomorrow

That was my horoscope for today. WTF does it mean?? Uranus is unstable?? Well last year at this time I was having problems with hemorrhoids, I hope to god that isn't coming back.

When I was younger I used to read my horoscope every day, I do not recall them being so vague. They were more on the line of...
"Today is a good day for you, go out meet new people as you may be surprised what you find"
That kind of horoscope I understand, but when they talk about Saturn forming an irritating quincunx, I'm lost.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

I'm Now Open

Remember Lucy from Charlie Brown? She gave out advice in her little booth and made a few extra bucks. And then she gave out advice even when others didn't want to hear it. I need to open a booth. Why you ask?

I'm not sure what it is about str8 women and gay men, but it seems to me the minute that they find out that you are gay thy think you are a sex therapist. Or that you have the scoop about a relationship and that you can help them deal with their relationships with their men.

Let me ask you ladies, have you seen most gay relationships? They don't last that long, and most of the time there is infidelity and deception going on the entire time. Why ask a gay man relationship questions, we are not the best choice to choose from. But they do. Girls, let me tell you something else while I'm at it. Gay men DO NOT want to hear about your sexual conquests and/or fantasies in detail. We are gay. Str8 sexcapades are not our cup of tee. And we don't hold all the answers to your sexual problems, really we don't.

I understand that you feel comfortable talking to gay men about these things, and that is fine, but to give you advice? That's why you have Cosmo. So if you insist on wanting advice from this gay men, you are going to have to start paying up. So first give me the nickel and then I can solve all you relationship problems.

Sunday, January 15, 2006

The Morning After

One of my favorite actresses has passed on. As a young starlet in Hollywood she was beautiful and talented. As an aging icon, she was still beautiful and talented. Two Oscars, three California houses, four hit plays, five Impressionist paintings, six mink coats and 99 films later, Shelly Winters died on Saturday at the age of 83/85 (Birthdate is questionable).

Saturday, January 14, 2006

What I've Had in My Mouth Today

A toothbrush
Mountain Dew.
A cigarette.
A finger.
Another cigarette.
Tom Welling.
Another Mountain Dew.
Another cigarette.
A chocolate candy bar.
Brad Pitt.
Yet another cigarette.
A Buick.
An upholstered ottoman.
A Rum & Coke.
A Cajun Shrimp Dinner.
Another cigarette.
Another Rum & Coke
Slurry speech.
Another cigarette.
Yet another Rum & Coke
A penis.
A happy “Mmmmm!” sound.
A final cigarette

Friday, January 13, 2006

Blast From the Past

Last night Veruca and I went out to diner at Union Station. After a few appetizer and drinks we headed down to Hamburger Mary's for a few more drinks. We met a great couple that was at the bar sitting next to us, Rob & Mike. They shared that they had been together for 26 years! That has to be a gay record. Two guys together for that long?? AMAZING! Then we talked and laughed, it was like old times. It is amazing regardless of how long it has been since we have hung out, that we just fall right back into the same routine. I suppose that is what real friendships are about.

He has also finally entered into the blog arena. Probably not for the same reasons that I have, but still the same he now has a site and you can follow his story. I warn you, he has a little more well, pretenses than you may be used to!!

DJ Has Gone Into Business

DJ has gone into business for himself, Check out his site HERE!

Thursday, January 12, 2006

A Pain in the...

I must either be getting older, or getting weaker. Sunday night I awoke out of a deep sleep to excrutiating back pain. It continued through Monday and I had to take a day off of work on Tuesday. Finally I was able to get into my doctor on Wednesday. I received my quarterly injection (for my MS) and it has seemed to calmed down somewhat, but that persistent nagging dull ache is still there.

My regular doctor is out of the country, so the doctor I saw was not versed in my case, and he could not give me any answers as to why I am having these back spasms more often. I am assuming it's progression of the MS, but who knows. Maybe I pulled something and wasn't aware of it, sometimes moving in your sleep can knock your back out of whack. Who knows with me.

It is amazing the things you can not do when experiencing back problems. Simple tasks as bending over to put on your shoes, putting on a shirt, even sitting down can be a problem. I'm not even going into the things in the bathroom that are almost impossible to do with back pain. But through all of this DJ has been there for me, getting my dinner, seeing that things are close enough for me to get to, and helping me get up and down off of the couch. And no, he doesn't help me in the bathroom, those things I have to do on my own.

Monday, January 09, 2006

Oscar Nomination Predictions

Every year I make my predictions for the Oscars, and every year I get worse and worse. This year will probably not be any better, plus there is not a whole lot to choose from. it wasn't a banner year for movies. So for what it worth here are my predictions on who will be nominated for this years Academy Awards;

Performance by a Male Actor in a Leading Role:
Russell Crowe / CINDERELLA MAN
Philip Seymour Hoffman / CAPOTE
Joaquin Phoenix / WALK THE LINE
David Strathairn / GOOD NIGHT, AND GOOD LUCK

Performance by a Female Actor in a Leading Role:
Felicity Huffman / TRANSAMERICA
Charlize Theron / NORTH COUNTRY
Reese Witherspoon / WALK THE LINE

Performance by a Male Actor in a Supporting Role:
Paul Giamatti / CINDERELLA MAN
Don Cheadle / CRASH
George Clooney / SYRIANA
Matt Dillon / CRASH

Performance by a Female Actor in a Supporting Role:
Michelle Williams / BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN
Catherine Keener/ CAPOTE
Frances McDormand / NORTH COUNTRY

Best Picture

We Will Never Know

Have you ever thought about how differently things would turn out if you'd done things opposite the way you had done them? I do all the time. Like what if I had came out of the closet at 19 instead of 35? Well I wouldn't have gotten married and had four children. That would be a regret. Or what if I had went to Cumberland College instead of waiting to go to school? Or if I had taken that job offer a few years ago and moved to North Carolina? I would not have met DJ and be where we are today.

I am sure that Carson Palmer of the Cincinnati Bengals is thinking the same thing today. What if he would have jumped backwards a foot after throwing the 66 yd pass? He would not have been hit and damaged his knee. Or what if he would have played a rushing play instead of the pass.

But just like me, Cincinnati and Carson Palmer, we will never know. Would Cincinnati have won the game if Carson wasn't hurt? Maybe, maybe not. Would I have still met DJ even if I had moved out of town? Maybe. Maybe not. For me, it's a good thing. For Carson and the Cincinnati Bengals I am sure it will be something they continue to ask for seasons to come.

Saturday, January 07, 2006

Peaceful Beginnings

Sorry for the lack of postings but this year so far has been pretty busy. Not really doing much, but DJ is starting a new job (working out of home) and we've been busy with that, and in the process of buying a new computer system. As you may recall, mine expired back a few months ago and then Christmas came so we have to hold off on any new purchases for a while. But hopefully within the next few months we can get the computer and get things back on track financially.

Other than that it has been quiet and very peaceful so far for 2006. But there are some that have not had a peaceful beginning. It seems a certain Anti-Gay Southern Baptist Minister was arrested for soliciting a male prostitute. I find that very interesting, as I myself was once a Southern Baptist Minister, but no I was never arrested for solicitation....

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

2 By 2

The New Year came in with little fanfare, which is good I suppose. We had our families over for a little New Year's Eve bash and had good food and drinks and played some games. DJ and I "vegged" New Years day and relaxed waiting for Monday to come and head back to work.

Monday was when the new Year began to become a little more exciting. I got a call from Princess, my daughter, Monday evening and it seems now that not only am I going to be a grandfather is 2006, but a grandfather TWICE! My daughter-in-law will have her baby in June and Princess will have her baby in July barring any problems. She has had two miscarriages, so hopefully she will be able to carry this baby to term.

So 2006 is going to be an exciting year in our household. I can't wait!