Wednesday, January 25, 2006


Ever felt like half a person? Like you just were not all there? Well yesterday I had my annual routine check-up at the UC Neuro Center for my MS. This is an annual event where there run diagnostics to determine if and where the disease has progressed. It also allows me to have the newest in technology tested on me.

I began experiencing some strange sensations on Sunday evening. It felt as though I had suffered a sunburn on my things, but I have not been out in the sun in months. So I explained this to my Doctor during the exam. This gave me the opportunity to test out the latest in their ever increasing gamit of techno toys. I was given a shot in my spine, which totally immobilized me from the waist down. Totally paralyzed. Nothing. Nill.

Once this was done I was hoisted into a C-Scan like machine and pictures were taken of my lower spinal area where it the MS has been gnawing. So for the next 12 hours I had almost no mobility in the lower half of my body. He said the effects of this test could last from two hours to two days. Oh joy!!! Fortunate for me I awoke this morning with my typical leg pains and cramps, so the numbness and paralysis had subsided.

The doctors have determined that my MS is progressing, unfortunately faster than it has in years. So their next determination is what they can do if anything to slow the progress. I know one thing for certain, I much rather like dealing with the pain and the cramps and the sunburned, tingling sensations than I did only having the mobility of half my body!

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regwa said...

sounds awful! i hope they can find something that helps to slow the progress!