Saturday, January 21, 2006

Want Some Hives With That?

A few days back DJ and I went to a local adult store and purchased some new lubricant, as we were out. I know, not something you prefer me to discuss, but do continue, as I am sure you will enjoy the outcome.

So we bought something we had not used before, a warming lubricant, from the makers of WET, a lubricant we had used before, just not the warming kind.

So Last night DJ decided to give me a back massage as my back had been bothering me, and to also get into the mood. So he used the new lubricant warming gel. It felt wonderful, and before long we were in the throws of passion. Afterward I laid there a few minutes and realized that my back was no longer warm, but actually hot and stinging. As well as itching like mad. We both went into the bathroom and found out that I am apparently allergic to this type of lubricant as my entire back was breaking out into hives. Not to mention some other regions of my body.

Fortunate for me we had some Aveeno cream which after I showered, DJ applied to the effected areas and soon all was well again.

Next time I will follow the directions when first using lubricant for the first time.

Please use in a small area first for signs of itching, burning or any other allergic reactions.

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