Thursday, January 12, 2006

A Pain in the...

I must either be getting older, or getting weaker. Sunday night I awoke out of a deep sleep to excrutiating back pain. It continued through Monday and I had to take a day off of work on Tuesday. Finally I was able to get into my doctor on Wednesday. I received my quarterly injection (for my MS) and it has seemed to calmed down somewhat, but that persistent nagging dull ache is still there.

My regular doctor is out of the country, so the doctor I saw was not versed in my case, and he could not give me any answers as to why I am having these back spasms more often. I am assuming it's progression of the MS, but who knows. Maybe I pulled something and wasn't aware of it, sometimes moving in your sleep can knock your back out of whack. Who knows with me.

It is amazing the things you can not do when experiencing back problems. Simple tasks as bending over to put on your shoes, putting on a shirt, even sitting down can be a problem. I'm not even going into the things in the bathroom that are almost impossible to do with back pain. But through all of this DJ has been there for me, getting my dinner, seeing that things are close enough for me to get to, and helping me get up and down off of the couch. And no, he doesn't help me in the bathroom, those things I have to do on my own.

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