Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Tuesday the New Monday

Tuesday, September 30, 2008. The last day of September until next year. And a Tuesday. My least favorite day of the week. I vote we just take Tuesdays off the calendar. September has been a rough month and today was no exception. DJ is gone 3,000 miles away from me, the economy is faltering, Wall St. is crashing, and I really don't know who I want to vote for as President yet, my check was for much less that I was counting on, things at work just seemed to explode and I get to come home to an empty house. Well not completely empty, the cats are here.

Another month of 2008 has come and gone, and so much has happened. Where do I begin? Or where will it end? Who knows, but I know one thing. Tuesday will come back again next week. I just hoe they get better as the year winds down.

Monday, September 22, 2008

The First Time Ever I Saw His Face

The first time I saw him I knew there was just something about him. I wasn't looking for anything or anyone. I had actually just came to the conclusion that I was to be single and was happy about it and happy with myself. So when I walked into the bar that night and glanced over and saw this good looking guy sitting there all by himself, I really didn't think that eight years later we would still be together. But I knew something.

I knew from the first time I saw him that he was a gentle soul, a passionate person with dreams, goals and ideas. When we first spoke and I saw his smile, I knew I liked him. When we danced and made small talk it just felt right, comfortable, almost like it should be that way. Never once did I fell like I needed to put on a facade or keep things private. I wanted to share things with him.

Eight years ago today I met a man. Not just any man, but a special man. One that I had no idea who he was, or where he came from, but who became the biggest part of my life, who actually became part of me. DJ was that man, and I can not even begin to imagine my life without him. Still today when he smiles my heart leaps, when we hold each other I feel safe and secure, and oh so comfortable. When we talk it feels so right. Sometimes we don't even need to talk because it seems we can read each others minds. Happy Anniversary DJ. I love you always and forever.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

L.A. Bound

Well not for me. DJ is heading to L.A. September 27th. He is heading to the city of angels to help open a new store and train the servers/bartenders. He just returned last month from Bozeman, MT. and now he is leaving me again to work with the stars.

Well maybe not actually the stars, but at least in the same city of the stars. Do I sound a little jealous? Well if I don't, I am. I know he is going out there to work, but I've never been to L.A. and would love to go. However, I have no vacation time left at work to be able to go, and even if I did we do not have the extra cash to fly me out there. So I will just have to be satisfied with his pictures and his experiences. So I am sure I will share with you his trip and pictures, and you like me can sit back in envy as do I as we share his experience with his photos.

Am I liking the fact he is traveling all over the country? At first it was very difficult. And no I am not ecstatic over the fact that he is in L.A. and I am left alone in Cincinnati. But this is a great opportunity for him, and it really does validate his work. It is also something that he really enjoys doing, training others. So, I yes, I am going to miss him terribly, but I must put my selfishness behind him and allow him to do this with his job. Sometimes we need to make sacrifices in relationships. I just hope his travelling slows down a bit. Maybe every tow months instead of every month. We will see. Meanwhile I will collect his pictures and his stories and make long distance late night calls...

Monday, September 15, 2008

Hurricane Ike in Ohio?

For the first time in Ohio history, a hurricane blew in across the southwest Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana area and travelled north into Dayton and Columbus. Yes, a hurricane, well the remnants of a hurricane. Winds up to 79 miles an hour came through and brought a blackout through the entire tri-state area. Our power went out about 1:15 yesterday afternoon and was restored tonight about 8:30. We were one of 850,000 homes without power. Today there are still over a half a million people still with no power.

As I sat in my apartment yesterday I begin to hear the winds whip around and had no idea what was happening. I do not watch the TV, so of course I was not warned what was coming our way. By 1:00 I decided I needed to take my sons home and DJ and I began a 45 minute drive that turned into an hour and fifteen minutes. Our car was pushed and pulled by the wind and we saw trees down everywhere.

So a hurricane came to Ohio. There was no rain, thunder or lightening, just high winds. One of the most bizarre weather systems that I have ever seen. What will happen next? A Tsunami?

Sunday, September 07, 2008

One Week Back

DJ has been home from Montana for a week, and let me tell you it has been one incredible week. I will not go into to all the reasons as to why, but let's just say we really missed each other!
Since coming back we have spent more time talking and cuddling that we have in quite a long time. So I suppose when they say that, absence makes the heart grow fonder, has some truth to it.
We will find out how true that is, as he is leaving again. The first week of October he will be travelling to Louisville, Kentucky to open another store. Now this trip will not be as bad. For several reasons. Like we will be in the same time zone. Louisville is only an hour and a half from home, so there will be a few days get away for me as well when I go to Louisville to meet him.
I wanted to share some pictures with you, so head on over to Yahoo Pics of Dan's Trips, and see some of the pictures from DJ's trip to Montana!