Monday, September 15, 2008

Hurricane Ike in Ohio?

For the first time in Ohio history, a hurricane blew in across the southwest Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana area and travelled north into Dayton and Columbus. Yes, a hurricane, well the remnants of a hurricane. Winds up to 79 miles an hour came through and brought a blackout through the entire tri-state area. Our power went out about 1:15 yesterday afternoon and was restored tonight about 8:30. We were one of 850,000 homes without power. Today there are still over a half a million people still with no power.

As I sat in my apartment yesterday I begin to hear the winds whip around and had no idea what was happening. I do not watch the TV, so of course I was not warned what was coming our way. By 1:00 I decided I needed to take my sons home and DJ and I began a 45 minute drive that turned into an hour and fifteen minutes. Our car was pushed and pulled by the wind and we saw trees down everywhere.

So a hurricane came to Ohio. There was no rain, thunder or lightening, just high winds. One of the most bizarre weather systems that I have ever seen. What will happen next? A Tsunami?

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