Sunday, September 07, 2008

One Week Back

DJ has been home from Montana for a week, and let me tell you it has been one incredible week. I will not go into to all the reasons as to why, but let's just say we really missed each other!
Since coming back we have spent more time talking and cuddling that we have in quite a long time. So I suppose when they say that, absence makes the heart grow fonder, has some truth to it.
We will find out how true that is, as he is leaving again. The first week of October he will be travelling to Louisville, Kentucky to open another store. Now this trip will not be as bad. For several reasons. Like we will be in the same time zone. Louisville is only an hour and a half from home, so there will be a few days get away for me as well when I go to Louisville to meet him.
I wanted to share some pictures with you, so head on over to Yahoo Pics of Dan's Trips, and see some of the pictures from DJ's trip to Montana!

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