Monday, December 26, 2005

Post Christmas Post

Did everyone get what they wanted for Christmas?

It's not really all about that, but yes I did. I had one of the best Christmas's ever. DJ and I were able to actually either buy, or make everyone something for the holidays. DJ did a lot of cookie baking and crocheting, and I did a lot of SPENDING! But that wasn't what made it the best Christmas ever, it was the fact that I was able to be with my family, and his family and vice versa. After five years together our families have finally accepted the fact that we are together and that we are going to be part of their lives. Even my brother seemed accepting of it and welcomed DJ into my mother's home with open arms.

But back to what we got for Christmas...

I received mostly DVD's this year, and on the top of the list was the first season of LOST. I didn't watch this show when it aired, but now I'm addicted. I have only about 15 more minutes of the final episode and I can not wait until season two comes out. DJ also got me Will & Grace, Seasons One and Two, Stargate SG1, Season one through three. Aviator, Madagascar and Cinderella. I also got the follow up book to Wicked, Son of a Witch.

Getting gifts are great, and everyone knows how I love receiving them, but now that all the festivities are over and the gifts are unwrapped I am just thankful that I have someone to share it with, and that I can share him with my family.

Saturday, December 24, 2005


Here is hoping that Santa brings you everything you want! Merry Christmas Everyone!

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Mixing it Up

Christmas was always one of my favorite holidays. That was until I started having to pay for other's peoples presents! Each year it becomes more and more a chore. Not so much because of low cash flow (although it makes it difficult to buy for everyone I'd like to) but for the mere fact I have NO CLUE what to get people. Some people are easy to buy for, like my dad. He loves old westerns, so off to Circuit City or Best Buy and find a John Wayne collection. But actually he is about the only one that is easy to but for. I have no clue what to get my mother. What do you get someone who has everything including the greatest son ever born to a woman? Then there are my kids. My two youngest still live at home with their mother, and I am sure she is going to shower them with gifts, so for the last few years I've given them cash, but that is so impersonal, so this year I'm going to actually buy them gifts. For my older two they definitely will get cash. With them both getting new homes this year I am sure it will come in handy for them. That leaves DJ.
Hence my story. I asked him a few weeks ago what would he like to have.
"I don't know, I have all I need with you."

Whatever, give me an idea here! So finally he suggests that he would like a professional mixer. You know one of those Kitchen Aide table mixers. It's not a gift I would want, but then again I don't enjoy cooking, he loves it. So off to the stores I go. I went to several discount stores and found nothing, finally I found one, but it was more than I really wanted to spend. I found what I wanted for the price that I wanted and I ran home to wrap it. As I finish wrapping it and put it under the tree he walks in and says...

"Oh you got my mixer!"

I hate Christmas.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

HNT~Sunburnt Memories


It's that time again!! Time to do my best to embarrass myself by posting revealing pictures of myself and others in modes of undress. This one is pretty funny actually. It was taken a couple of years (and a few pounds) ago while DJ and I were vacationing in Panama City Beach. I laid out in the sun WAY TOO LONG, and began to look like a lobster. I apologize for the really bad seashell necklace, they were in style then (somewhat). Even with the horrible sunburn we still had a fantastic time. It's good to remember that week, especially with the temperature what it is today.

I also want to make mention of a fellow blogger and gay dad. I mention him today because he is the one the led me to Half~Nekkid Thursdays and now I've become a follower of him ever since.

Being a father is tough work, but adding the fact that you came out of the closet not only to the whole world, but to your own kids is much tougher, trust me I know! But ScottyBoi writes with such candor and honesty, he has become my hero. I can not imagine trying to raise my own kids by myself or even with DJ. If I had to, I most definitely would, but it would most difficult. Thank goodness that my kids have a great mother who has done a fantastic job with them, and still allows me to be their dad. There are so many other guys I know out there that are not even allowed to see their kids, then we have Scottyboi who is raising them with his partner. Hats off to them, and to their kids. I know it's tough sometimes Scott, but keep up the great work, your kids will remember it long after they are out on their own. Thanks for being an inspiration to all us gay dads out here! Check out ScottyBoi's site "The Other Side of Straight" and find out what I'm talking about.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Birthdays & Friends

Tomorrow one of my best friends will turn another year older. I think he will be 43, not too sure on the whole age thing. I know he is not too much younger than myself. But anyway...Silver is having a birthday.

I got to thinking about birthdays and friends. Birthdays keep coming, they never go away, and that's a good thing because if they stop coming then you really have something to worry about, you may want to find Jennifer Love Hewitt. But friends on the other hand don't keep coming. Friends tend to slow down. As a kid I had a ton of friends. As a young adult I have several people that I would call my friend. As a minister for several years in the Baptist Church, I realized that most of my friends were my friends for ulterior reasons, mainly their reasons. Now that I am older I understand what my dad said to me when I was a teenager...

"Son, you can count on one hand your true friends. Everyone else are acquaintances"

He is so right. I actually have what I would say are three true friends. Of course DJ, Silver and Veruca. Everyone else has seemed to have faded into their own lives and dreams. Which is not a bad thing, but I miss them. I still have friends that I keep in contact with, but really true to life friends, that are there no matter what. I don't have many.

Now don't get me wrong I'm not getting all misty eyed and melancholy and feeling sorry for myself because I don't have a mess of friends, I'm just stating the obvious. Actually I'm probably too selfish and self centered to have too many friends, I wouldn't have time for them. But I am very grateful and thankful for the friends I do have. I know I need to act like it more often, but then again, they know me and they know how I am, that's why they are my friend.

Back to Silver...Happy Birthday friend. Thanks for being a true friend.

A New Reality

After a few days of contemplation and soul searching, I decided to keep the blog. I know, this is like the third time I quit and then started back up, but sometimes I find it hard to write anything that others would find interesting. So I thought about why I started this blog. It was for me. A way to express myself. It wasn't for you, the reader. Although I like it that others read my postings, but this journal was for me. Being the selfish person that I am, I don't really want to give it up. Even if no one else reads it or finds it interesting or entertaining, I will still post my mundane thoughts, and life experiences.

But I am going to head into a different direction. I will still have my personal posts and thoughts, but I wanted to add something a little more deep. So instead of shying away from the controversial posting, and the political postings I am going to jump in, and if people don't like my opinions that's fine, just read some one else's blog. So over the next few days and weeks you are going to see some changes and different types of rants.

I also started this blog to help in my writing, and publishing endeavors, so I am going to be adding more information in regards to that, and even post a few snipets from my book, or the work I am currently working on.

Yes there is more to me than the boring mundane guy you have all grown to know and love, and hopefully I can share more of my reality with you, and you will come back for more.