Saturday, December 10, 2005

Mixing it Up

Christmas was always one of my favorite holidays. That was until I started having to pay for other's peoples presents! Each year it becomes more and more a chore. Not so much because of low cash flow (although it makes it difficult to buy for everyone I'd like to) but for the mere fact I have NO CLUE what to get people. Some people are easy to buy for, like my dad. He loves old westerns, so off to Circuit City or Best Buy and find a John Wayne collection. But actually he is about the only one that is easy to but for. I have no clue what to get my mother. What do you get someone who has everything including the greatest son ever born to a woman? Then there are my kids. My two youngest still live at home with their mother, and I am sure she is going to shower them with gifts, so for the last few years I've given them cash, but that is so impersonal, so this year I'm going to actually buy them gifts. For my older two they definitely will get cash. With them both getting new homes this year I am sure it will come in handy for them. That leaves DJ.
Hence my story. I asked him a few weeks ago what would he like to have.
"I don't know, I have all I need with you."

Whatever, give me an idea here! So finally he suggests that he would like a professional mixer. You know one of those Kitchen Aide table mixers. It's not a gift I would want, but then again I don't enjoy cooking, he loves it. So off to the stores I go. I went to several discount stores and found nothing, finally I found one, but it was more than I really wanted to spend. I found what I wanted for the price that I wanted and I ran home to wrap it. As I finish wrapping it and put it under the tree he walks in and says...

"Oh you got my mixer!"

I hate Christmas.

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