Monday, October 29, 2007

Monday, Monday

Yes, thank goodness there will be no more Mondays until next week. I'm not sure what it is, maybe it is the fact that now that I've been working for almost a year, a routine has set in. But it seems that I am not as eager as I once was to get up and head out the door to work. I still love my job, and I enjoy those I work with (for the most part) but Mondays anymore are just horrible for me to get motivated.

However, once I get there I am able to be productive. I accomplished a lot today, and a couple cases I've been working on since I started there will soon be coming to an end. But today was certainly a Monday. But apparently not as bad as DJ's Monday. His car wouldn't start!

Sorry least there will be no more Mondays this week.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Check out the Crib!

As promised I have added some pics of our new place. You can find them over on the left in my links. I am very proud of my dinning area. Check out the curtains, I learnt a trick off of watching too much HGTV, this curtain is actually an old shower curtain!! Yes, this used to hang in our bathroom, many many months ago and now it brings the right touch and color to our dining area.

After looking at our place I tried to decide what style it is, and all I can think of is a mixture of Mediterranean, and Bohemian, so take a look and tell me what you think. Be nice...

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #4

Sorry last week I just totally forgot, so here is my 13 list today:


1) I try to be honest with everyone. Not that I'm saying our Presidents are not honest, but...

2) Hell, I am not even allowed to be legally married in this country, you really think I'd could be President?

3) I didn't vote in the last local election. Isn't that a prerequisite?

4) I don't think I'd like the weather or traffic in Washington D.C.

5) Me, living in the White House? Not unless there is a complete redecoration in the works!

6) I don't have enough $$ to even run.

7) I do not photograph well, and green is not my best color so the whole picture on currency would be out of the question.

8) Who would be my Vice President?

9) Iraq? Bomb it. Iran? Bomb it. Afghanistan? Bomb it.

10) I would outlaw any mention of Paris Hilton, Lindsey Lohan and Britney Spears.

11) What would I do on vacation? Camp David? I don't think so.

12) I'm not a Republican.

13) I'm not a Democrat.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

180,000 !!

Hard to believe but some time between Tuesday evening and today I had my 180 thousandth hit on this blog!! 180k, that is a lot of hits. Not as many as say some of the porn sites I'm sure, and over a period of 3 1/2 years or more that may not seem like a lot to you, but to me that is quite a few hits!

Thanks for stopping in and being part of the 180k team!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


I know that Halloween is not the season for resolutions, but I've made a few the last few days. Yes, I'm going to share, just so that I can have someone to account to when I blow it. So all you readers out there keep me in check.

First of all I am deleting all my other blogs. I had several, but now I am down to three. I just don't have time to keep up with the other two. Even though I love them and enjoyed working on my moive mania, they have fallen off way worse than this blog.

Second, I am going to try and post more often on this blog. If I only have this one to write on, maybe, just maybe I will write more often. Maybe? We'll see, but I am going to try.

Third, I have decided to have a new motto at work. Give it my all. 120% and then go home. What I mean is that I always try to give my best, over and beyond, but I tend to bring it home with me. The stress of the day, the aggravation of the situations I may have experienced, and yes even the pleasantries my job does offer. Leave those there, when I am at home I need to focus on home, and when at work I need to focus on work. Duplicity you say? Maybe just a bit.

Fourth, I really really want to stop smoking. I have been on Chantix for about three weeks, and I am still smoking. Not as much mind you, but they are still there. I want to quit, I need to quit and according to my doctor, I HAVE to quit. So let's see how that works.

So here they are.

That is my resolution.
Focus on my blog more

Focus while at work, on work

Focus at home

and Focus at quitting smoking.

Now if I could just focus my eyes. I think it's time to go to the eye doctor and get the prescription checked into. That will be 5.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Catching Up

You are probably asking..."where the hell you been? you gave us a cryptic post and then you disappear!"

Well I've been busy. First of all we got all moved in and it is WONDERFUL. The first night in my new tempurpedic bed all I could say was...this is AWESOME. I've had some of the best nights of sleep I have ever had. It is AWESOME!

The apartment is smaller than it looked when empty. Especially when our love seat and recliners are all over-stuffed. So the living room is full. The dinning area is very nice, and you will not believe our curtain for the dinning room. I will take a pic in a few days and let you see it. I love it and it was CHEAP! Got to love those shows on HGTV.

Speaking of which, HGTV and the rest of the hundreds of stations we now have. Thanks to Time Warner Cable and all the freebies we get for a year. They get you hooked on this stuff and then when the year is over you now think that you JUST HAVE to HAVE it. But for now, we have several on demand stations, free showtime and cinemax and DVR, which is the greatest invention since the DVD player. Now I never have to miss TMC, A&E or AMC. So for at least the next year I can catch up on all those old classics I missed the first time around.

So you can see that I have been busy. But, again I will try and post more often, and I swear as soon as I get around to it, and my apartment is "picture perfect" I will post some shots. Until then...

Friday, October 12, 2007


The word Key has varied meanings depending on if it is used as a verb or a noun or adjective.
No, this is not a grammar lesson, but just a look at this world that I call my life. As an example, today I made a key observation. Everything and everyone are not what they seem. Not that I didn't already know that, at 47 I've seen quite a few duplicitous people. Yet, it always annoys me when they are revealed that I did not see it sooner. Maybe someday I'll be able to do that.

I also made another key observation today. Regardless if you are in the wrong, or in the right, blame will still follow many times just because of your associations. You'd think I would have learnt that by now as well. I have, but sometimes you get caught up in the moment and forget these key essential rules to life and relationships.

However, regardless of these things life moves on and you will run across another one of the people that are not what they seem, and you will also get caught into a situation where you are guilty by association. It happens. No matter how hard you try to avoid it. The key is to learn from it and when you see it coming you can make the choices that are beneficial to you.

The bottom line is that you are the only one that is going to look out for you. No one else. No one else is going to really watch your back. You have to do that yourself. Some people say that is being callus or selfish, but it's the truth.

So I learnt lessons today. That's a good thing.

Oh by the way did I tell you that DJ and I get our KEY tomorrow!!
Yes, tomorrow is the day we begin moving out of the basement and into our own place again.
I promise pictures in the future! That is what it is really all about. A key to our future.

Thursday, October 11, 2007


Today marks my third anniversary blogging here on Blogger. I started my blog about 6 months prior to that on a service called mblog that closed without any warning and I lost my posts.

A lot has happened in the last three years. We have lived in three different places, both DJ and I have changed jobs, we have three cats, and two grandchildren with another on the way and this is just to name a few of the things that have transpired in our lives in the past three years.

I have closed the blog twice, only to re-open a few days later. I've met some great bloggers as well. Some are now gone to that big blog in the sky, and others remain strong and vital to the blogging community. While some blogs tend to be political or trendy, sharing the latest in the world of celebrity, or the newest trends on TV and the movies, my blog just continues to share my story. Sometimes I'm depressed, other times I am happy. Most of the time my readers are probably bored, other times they have told me how much they enjoy reading about my life. But, I put this blog up for me. I don't post for all the readers or to make a point politically or even to make a name for myself in the gay blogging community but just to put down my thoughts and have a place to just put it down into words so that I can recall them later.

I have gained some new readers, and have lost some. It doesn't matter though I will continue to post. Maybe not as often as I once did, but I'll stick around hopefully for another 3 years.

One thing I do miss are comments. So if you read the blog, let me know. Post a comment and say hi.

Happy Coming Out Day!

Thursday Thirteen #3

13 Costumes I Will NOT Be Wearing for Halloween
(Courtesy of Full Figured Model)

1. clear vinyl cat suit w/ hooker heels
2. a fluorescent netted thong suit
3. the Anna Nicole full figured outfit, b/c it's too damn small, lmfao
4. an outfit made of white castle boxes
5. an armored suit, that's way too much exercise to lug around
6. Anything too complicated to get off in the bathroom

7. nothing at all, close the window, no one wants to see that *&^%
8. costume made of post it notes, with dangling paper clip earrings
9. mummy costume during a heavy menstrual cycle
10. Britney Spears outfit
11. Greek goddess shoes (that clearly lace from ankle to thigh) with coordinating outfit
12. a chick magnet outfit
13. anything camouflaged b/c you couldn't see me

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #2

This week for my Thursday Thirteen I called upon some assistance from my "gang" at work. Each one gave some enlightening insights on the proper and not-so proper work attire. I think I should turn them in for the employee handbook. I was only going to post one response, but they were all so great I decided to post everyone's entry.
from Full Figured Model

1. um, Midgette's orange shoes (you know the ones, lol)
2. a thong that was dingy (sp???) and hung out of the top of my pants/skirt
3. zippered jeans w/ flowers on them
4. maternity clothes when you're not pregnant
5. petite clothes when you're an amazon
6. stirrup pants w/ sandals
8. daisy dukes
9. Paris Jr's Halloween costume, lol
10. an irridescent suit
11. a mullet wig
12. nothing at all, no one wants to see that shit!
13. and finally, last but not least, fake hair
from DC DUDE:
13 Things You Would Never Wear To Work
1. A dress shirt with holes in it.
2. A KISS '88 tour t-shirt
3. Uggs. Ewwwwww. But, honestly, how many dudes do you see wearing those things?
4. A cut-off pair of low-waisted black yoga pants.
5. My "I Support the Jena 6" t-shirt
6. Ski boots. Honestly, why would I ever wear them to work.
7. A bow tie. I can't tell you how often I want to kick someone's ass who is wearing a bow tie.
8. A Knight's chain mail, freaking heavy.
9. An AC Slater muscle shirt
10. Biker Shorts...
11. A Monkey Hat
12. Sumo Wrestler diaper.
13. A lot of freaky piercings.
from Louisville Starlett:

13 Things You Would Never Wear To Work
1. hot shorts
2.crop top
3.knee high stockings
4.a super short skirt
5.a dress that is too tight for me that reveals my fat rolls
6.pants that are so tight I have camel toe
7.sparkly anything
8.funky weaves
9.see through shirts etc....
10.lots of ruffles
11.a bodysuit like the one Michael sent a picture out of yesterday
12.clear shoes aka stripper shoes
13.excessive jewelry
from Holly Golightly :
13 Things You Would Never Wear To Work (some things that I would NEVER wear anywhere!!!) lol.
1. Push up bra (for what reason would you all need to see that?)
2. Mini Skirt (It's almost halloween but I don't like to scare people!)
3. Cut off jean shorts (you know the one with the frays!! soooo hot...yuck)
4. 80's anything... (aka stretch pants, multiple layers of socks, kiddie bangles, tacky plastic earrings and 80's Hairsprayed POOF) BARF
5. polyester pants
6. Strapless shirts (although we know how sexy they are!!)
7. Cowgirl boots (Although Kim and I love our country songs!! ALLL-COOHOOOLLLL)
8. tapered jeans (NEVER ANYWHERE!!!) remember when it used to be cool to 'peg' them, OMG!!!
9. Thigh Highs
10. Tie Dye
11. Short Shorts..."who wears short shorts?" NOT ME!!!
12. Little Black Dress
13. Crocks...ha ha ha
from Mommie Dearest:
13 Things You Would Never Wear To Work
1. anything that causes muffin top
2. daisy dukes
3. painted hair (unless its a mohawk then absolutely)
4. a bra too small that causes nips to peep out
5. white socks with your dress flats
6. a see-through skirt with no slip
7. jean skirts slit too high (visible cottage cheese)
8. crusty heels
9. visible thong
10. sandals with panty hose
11. stirrup pants
12. 'mom' jeans
13. a strap-on
from Midgette:
13 Things You Would Never Wear To Work
1. MC Hammer Pants
2. Pants that are ten times to big
3.Pants that are too tight
4.Pleather anything
5.Marie's red shoes
6.Bengals Anything
7.Ponytail on top or side of my head
8.Pig Tails
9. Banana Clips
10.Leg Warmers
12.Makeup that makes me look like a football player not a girl
13.Stretch pants
from Bridezilla:
1 puffy paint shirts
2 sweaters that jingle when you walk with Rudolph’s big nose puffing out
3 Camel Toe pants
4 Jelly shoes
5 Spandex pants
6 Floral pants
7 Dresses that have shoulder pads
8 Any sweater that has a Disney character on it
9 Orange, red, pink, purple…..pants
10 Pants that tie all the way up your leg to show skin in-between
11 Gym shoes
12 Bengal’s t-shirt
13 Salmon Clogs
from Lady behind the Green Door
13 Things You Would Never Wear To Work
1. micro mini
2. flip flops
3. gym shoes
4. orange anything
5. flannel
6. ben wa
7. handkerchief on my head
8. plastic jewelry
9. body sparkles
10. terry cloth
11. fuzzy clogs
12. camel toe
13. grill
from Paris Jr.

13 Things You Would Never Wear To Work
2. Flip Flops that cost under $12.50
3. Stretch pants
4. Muu Muus
5. Jellies
6. Muffin Tops
7. Non-painted toe nails
8. Crusty heels
9. taperd jeans on Friday
10. Unwashed hair
11. Giant white sandal-esque things
12. Stone-washed denim
13. Sparkly belts

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

It Is Officially Autumn

How do I know that?

Has the weather gotten colder?

No, not really it was 83 today and supposed to be 86 tomorrow.

Have you pulled your sweaters out of storage?

They are still there, probably gathering moths. (Do they really do that, you know moths?)

So how do I know?

My nose, knows!

It has been running constantly for three solid days, and no matter what kind of allergy medication I consume it continues to drip...drip...drip!

Other than that October has came with little or no fanfare. However I have made my first Haunted House apperance for the year. Yes, DJ, his family and my son J2, and myself visited the possessed haunted Dent Schoolhouse. An experience I can only resolve myself to attend once a year. Things were going good until I decided I'd try and scare someone else in the party we were with, and I huddled behind a wall and suddenly this hairy creature thing came up behind me. Let's just say the one I tried to scare was laughing to hard at me to notice anything scary. Then when I thought I was safe a door shut in front of me. DJ was there and suddenly he was gone. When I reached out to see where he was, and where I was going (as it was dark) this large clown face was staring me right in the eye. I felt his breath on my nose he was so close. I screamed of course (I'm such a queen!) and literally jumped out of my shoes into my sister-in-law behind me knocking her into the wall.

What can I say, I don't like those freaky looking clowns!

But I survived. I returned home to the butt of the jokes.