Tuesday, October 02, 2007

It Is Officially Autumn

How do I know that?

Has the weather gotten colder?

No, not really it was 83 today and supposed to be 86 tomorrow.

Have you pulled your sweaters out of storage?

They are still there, probably gathering moths. (Do they really do that, you know moths?)

So how do I know?

My nose, knows!

It has been running constantly for three solid days, and no matter what kind of allergy medication I consume it continues to drip...drip...drip!

Other than that October has came with little or no fanfare. However I have made my first Haunted House apperance for the year. Yes, DJ, his family and my son J2, and myself visited the possessed haunted Dent Schoolhouse. An experience I can only resolve myself to attend once a year. Things were going good until I decided I'd try and scare someone else in the party we were with, and I huddled behind a wall and suddenly this hairy creature thing came up behind me. Let's just say the one I tried to scare was laughing to hard at me to notice anything scary. Then when I thought I was safe a door shut in front of me. DJ was there and suddenly he was gone. When I reached out to see where he was, and where I was going (as it was dark) this large clown face was staring me right in the eye. I felt his breath on my nose he was so close. I screamed of course (I'm such a queen!) and literally jumped out of my shoes into my sister-in-law behind me knocking her into the wall.

What can I say, I don't like those freaky looking clowns!

But I survived. I returned home to the butt of the jokes.

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Anonymous said...

Holla at your drip drip!! You do take your kleenex out of the box with such flair.