Friday, September 28, 2007

Do You Want Fries With That?

Eating out has become more of a chore since I have changed my diet, due to the diabetes. I can not just run down to Wendy's and grab a double cheeseburger and fries. I have to actually put some thought into what I want to consume. So Today I decided that a nice broiled fish dinner from Long John Silvers sounded good. So off to LJS I went.

I ordered my food and was given a cup to go to the self serve isle to get my diet drink. In front of me was a very very elderly old man. He had to be at least 80-85. I stood there patiently while he continued to fill his cup with water. As he turned around to go to his table, he tripped on his feet and somewhat stumbled. By doing this, his drink, which had no lid on it yet came splattering down across my shirt and face. Thank goodness it was just water. As he was profusely apologizing he bent over to pick up his cup and as he came up he then proceeded to eject what water and ice was left on me as well.

Again he began apologizing, wanting to buy me a new shirt, buy my lunch, etc. I told him no, that was fine, it was just an accident and I would be fine. I asked the clerk to hold my food on the warmer and I would be right back. Luckily there was a KMart right next to this LJS. Yes, I know, Kmart, God forbid, but when you are soaking wet, does it matter where you shop?

I went in and grabbed a deal, two polo shirts at 2.99 a piece, went out to my auto and changed shirts. Realized that the shirt tails were WAY TOO long, so now I needed to go back in and buy a belt to be able to tuck in my shirt, as I could not wear that long of a shirt back to work. So I got the belt. (actually two of them for $9.99). I went back out to my auto put on the white shirt, tucked it in and realized my breast were exposed through the thin material. Not that I am a full breasted man, but it looked really bad, so I proceeded BACK into Kmart and bought a package of white t-shirts for $6.79.

Once back to work, it was amazing how many people realized I had changed shirts! I didn't think they really noticed what I wore. Anyway, a lunch that would normally cost me $5.49 was a total of $28.25!! Good thing I didn't get fries with that.

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Anonymous said...

That is still one the funniest things I have ever heard...must say it was the best hearing it "live" with all the hand motions and expression!