Thursday, September 27, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #1

I found a great new blog, Jannverse. I love this blogger!! Witty, funny, outright hilarious at times. A joy to read every time I log on. On Thursdays she has what is called Thursday Thirteen. Each week a list of thirteen things are listed. Random thoughts, current pet peeves, Book titles, you never know what your going to get and every Thursday I get a good laugh reading the posts, so I thought to brighten my blog I would do the same thing on Thursdays, as well as link to her site. So today is my first and here are my Thursday Thirteen, First Edition!

1. Ironed my dad's guitar pick

2. Ran outside, around the house in my underwear in the middle of a snow storm

3. Tried jumping off a high porch when it was raining

4. Hit the reply all button on an e-mail I should not have

5. Had that 15th rum and coke

6. Dye my hair blonde

7. Ate a chocolate covered jalapeno

8. Ate a chocolate covered earthworm

9. Bought a fish tank

10. Watched Lost in Translation

11. Kissed that guy in the bar, when I was really drunk

12. Rolled through a stop sign

13. Quit my job, without having another one already lined up

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