Saturday, September 08, 2007

Illegal Pedestrians

Do you know what this is? I am sure you do. Most people do. It's a crosswalk. At most intersections they are posted very clearly, some even have walk lights to inform pedestrians that it is safe for them to use the crosswalk.
Unfortunately most of the people in downtown Cincinnati, and the surrounding areas have no clue what these lines painted across the road mean. As a majority of the pedestrians insist on crossing the street wherever they feel like it and across several lanes of busy traffic if they so choose. I have blogged about this before, but it has seemed no one has paid attention to my rantings!! Instead they are choosing to cross in the middle of the street avoiding at all costs the crosswalk, which in many cases is only a few more steps away from where they are crossing. And they don't even run across the street when they are illegally trying to cross. They just walk non-chalantly across, taking their time and then giving you dirty looks or vulgar finger signs when you blow your horn at them.
I think the cities can save loads of money if they just remove the walk signs, and no longer paint the crosswalk lines. As it seems no one pays attention to them anyway. Who knows if they remove all the crosswalks maybe it will decrease the over population of the major metropolitan cities!!

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Steve said...

LOL Boy, do I ever know what you mean! But equally annoying is pedestrians who do follow the rules, and cars won't yield to them; even though it's green for the walker to cross.