Saturday, September 01, 2007

Playing Grandpa

I kept my grand-daughter overnight last night. Yes, I played grandpa. My daughter and her husbands had tickets to see the Bengals last pre-season game and called to ask me if I could watch Lana. Of course i jumped at the chance. She is such a good baby, and seems to content.

But that's when she has her mommy! For the ride to grandpa's she was fine, she even fell asleep for about 20 minutes. Once we arrived home she was fine, a little sleepy as the only nap she had was the one in the car. But then one of DJ's mom's barked, and she became terrified and began crying. It took me a few minutes but she calmed down. But for the entire stay she didn't want to get down on the floor. Would you with barking dogs bigger than you?

She played and she talked and she became DJ's little sisters best friend. Overall the night was good. She went down for the night about 9:30 or so and she slept until 5:30, I gave her another bottle and she slept until almost 10. Not bad for a 13 month old.

I had a good time with her, and I hope she will not relate grandpa to the place with the scary barking dogs!

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Anonymous said...

Grandkids are fun fun....and you get to return them when finished!!