Friday, July 27, 2007

Eating Out

No this is not a post regarding that movie that was out a few years ago, or it's sequel that was released this year. But it's a post about...eating out.

At a restaurant silly boy!

Today we went to a pretty upscale Italian place for lunch to celebrate a co-workers birthday. I'll not mention the name, but it is generally great eats. Today was no exception.

However, I think that the entire waiting industry needs to take lessons from DJ. We are paying a quality price for our food, and it should go without saying that along with that quality price we should also receive quality service. But how often does that happen?

The young woman (she was probably about 26 or so) was quite "brisk" as she introduced herself and rambled on about the day's special. She then began to walk away. Our boss that was with us, says "can we at least get a drink order in, I'm thirsty." She sighs and then proceeds to take our drink order. Very simple, water, coke, tea, tea, tea, water, diet with no lemon. A few minutes later she brings them back...incorrect. Plus the diet had a big old lemon wedge in it. And instead of walking around the table and serve them to us, we had to reach across the table and each other to grab our drinks! She then began to walk off again. Now this was lunch, and there were no lunch menus on the table, so we asked for them...another sigh. A few minutes later we got the lunch menus and then for our order.

Fortunate for us, and for her she got that right, however one of our party had to wait at least a good ten minutes longer than the rest of us to get her entree. We found that it wasn't the cooks fault because her entree was cold when it was finally brought out. I never heard an apology from her or even a reason as to why her meal was so late in coming out. Being an Italian eatery, you always get bread, right? We never got bread until we asked for it, and again a sigh.

Come on lady, get a clue. The reason your tips are lousy is because you are lousy.

I left a$1.00 tip on a $12.00 lunch bill and a note on my receipt. You should really look for another job.

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Major kudos to this one. I was there...