Saturday, July 07, 2007

Lucky Day

I've ben hearing about this day for quite some time now. Today is supposed to be lucky. Very lucky. It seems that every wedding chapel in Vegas is booked around the clock today, because everyone wants to get married today, 7-7-07. Not to be a sceptic, and not to say I am an expert on relationships, but I don't think it matters if you are married on 7-7-07 or 6-6-06, once you are married it takes more than luck to keep a marriage together. Right? A few things need to take place for a relationship to continue to grow and nurture. First of all love has to be in the equation. Then you need respect and communication. Not just talking to each other, but talking WITH each other. And of course you have to continually be patient and understanding and work to keep things fresh alive and new. Now if you think luck is going to bring all that together, then you really need a reality check for sure!

Now for my day. Today DJ's family had their annual family reunion. Lots of fun, pool, food and drinks. Many many drinks. I started my drinking a little early today. We had to go pick up food trays and dessert trays at DJ's store, and while we waited for them to get finished I had a tall, double vodka and cranberry. Since I've not been drinking for a while, it hit me fast. Then off to the party, where I continued my vodka and cranberry fix. The entire family was there. I've become part of the family so to speak and I now know most of the attendees. One of the main reasons for the reunion is for DJ's step father, Big D to spend time with his sister, Little B, who lives in Indiana. Little B is married to Indy K, and they have a daughter together, Dink ( I call her that cause she is so thin, a very sweet young blonde teenager), then there is their grandson, Tornado. I call him Tornado because like a tornado once he starts he keeps going until he is all spent out. A very busy little boy, who is ALL boy. He is 10, but looks about 7. Thin as a rail. Mainly due to immense energy. Indy K also has a son that attends when able. A sure fire catch for any available young women looking for a great guy. He seems like he would treat a girl with respect and a lot of attention. We will call him Fuzzy. (for obvious reasons if you check out the pictures to the left.) Then there are all the others, cousins, step moms, aunts, cousins, and in laws. A real mixture of people, cultures and backgrounds. I enjoy the family reunion and the food, and the pool, and the DRINKS! This year was no exception. Check out the pics over on the left side of the blog.

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