Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Birthday # 47

Today was another birthday. Much like many of my other birthdays. I remember the birthdays as a kid when mom would go all out and make a cake and invite all the neighborhood kids over for cake and ice cream after dinner. Sometimes they brought gifts, sometimes they didn't, it didn't matter it was just wonderful to know mom remembered and wanted to make a big deal out of it for me.

This year DJ and I went camping, left Sunday returned today. It was a great time. Away from the phones and the hassles of time, work and responsibilities. All we did was sit around talk, play cards, and yes, of course having special time with one another after the sun went down. At 12:00 as soon as it turned the 10th, he turned and kissed me and whispered "Happy Birthday" into my ear. It doesn't matter that there was no cake or gifts (well except for the great gift certificate my friend Silver gave me on Saturday) and no bog fanfare, it was nice just to know he cared and remembered and that we were together.

Happy Birthday to Me!


Scotty said...

Hey Michael. I would e-mail you more details but can't find an e-mail address. It is close to Brown County Indiana. I am not sure how the guys came (Jason and Matt) but I know they live in Cincy. Drop me a line and I will tell you all about it.


Steve said...

Happy Belated Birthday. I'm not far behind you (in age or birthdate) :)

By the way, not sure how I found you. Was surfing; but glad I did!