Monday, July 02, 2007

A Name Like Any Other...

...Still smells the same.

Now that I have moved into the world of grandfathering I have been contemplating what my grandchildren should refer to me as. Should it be Grandpa? Pops? Papaw? The list goes on and on. I can not settle on what I like the best.

Grandpa is what my kids call my father, so that will just confuse them, as both my parents are still living and actually see my grandson more than I do. They live right across the street from my parents. Pops just sounds, well weird. Papaw is what I called my grandfather, but he always seemed old. (even though he was only 41 when I was born, five years younger than I was when my first grandchild was born). Calling me by my given name just don't seem appropriate, and my kids didn't like my idea of them calling me gaypa, so I am at a flux.

I guess I will just wait and see what THEY call me, and I am sure that will stick. Until then I guess I am stuck with Grandpa!

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