Sunday, July 01, 2007

Welcome to July

July has arrived. July is my birthday month. On the tenth of this month I will become another year older. I used to really look forward to the celebration of my birth, but over the last few years I have not brought as much attention to it as in the years past. It's not that I don't want to think about it, but more of the fact that it does not seem to mean as much. I take my mother's philosophy regarding growing older, which is, "You are as old as you feel" I don't feel 47, whatever 47 is supposed to feel like, but honestly I don't. When I look in the mirror, it is the same person I see looking back at me that I saw when I was 27. Of course there is a few more gray hairs and a few more wrinkles, but it's the same guy I've always seen.

July is also a fun month for me, as it is also usually the month I take vacation. Which is true again this year. In a few days I will gone from my usually regular routine and relaxing by a nightly fire and cuddling into a tent under the stars. July is also the moth when it seems like everyone is vibrant and alive. The sun is warm and the nights are long and everyone is just buzzing around. Summertime in all it's glory. Not to mention guys with no shirts!

I Love JULY!! Don't you?

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