Friday, June 29, 2007

How Does Gay Sound?

I over heard a conversation yesterday that I just had to chime in on. It went something like this...

"I think he may be gay." Girl 1
"Me too, he sounds gay." Girl 2

Sounds gay? I had to know, so I asked. "What does gay sound like?, I'm gay do I sound gay?"

"No, you don't sound gay." Girl 1
"I didn't mean to offend by that, it's just that he is gay sounding when he talks." Girl 2

"I'm not offended, I just want to know what gay or gay sounding, sounds like." Me

"You know, effeminate sounding." Girl 2

"Not every guy that sounds effeminate is gay. I know plenty of men that sound effeminate that or definitely not gay, and I know plenty women that sound masculine that are also not gay" Me

The conversation continued, and finally the girls agreed that they should have used the word effeminate, but my other question that I didn't bother asking was, why are they making speculations regarding this certain man's sexuality and what does it matter? That the real question.

So be careful when you are talking, you just might sound gay....


S. said...

Of course the truth of the matter is...effeminate guys usually ARE gay!

BentonQuest said...

I think we get into the whole thing of stereotypes. There is the whole thing about "acts straight." Why should it matter? Just rambling...