Friday, June 15, 2007

Office Space

Office Space is one of my favorite movies. Yes, it is a bad movie, with really bad actors (including Jennifer Aniston) and really stupid lines, and just plain, well stupid. But I love it. Mainly due to the fact that many of the things that is portrayed in this movie I have actually seen at a former employer! She even came around to every desk each morning with her cup of coffee and say "Good morning, how's it going, you having a good morning?" She probably didn't know half of the people's names, and her real reason was to see if they were at their desk working.

Today, for some inane reason we began quoting dialogue from Office Space. By noon we are all pretty slap happy. I am sure that there will be something said about our behaviour today, but hey it was Friday and it beats being depressed or bored with our jobs, or worse, not getting along with our co-workers. But the bottom fell out of the day when a real office space event took place and someone (I'll not mention names or gender) expended gas at the expense of all of us. When another cubicle mate decided to try and help the situation and sprayed some really cheap strawberry cologne things went from bad to worse.

All in all though it made for a great Friday. But if someone would have just walked by our area they would have though that they had just walked into an Office Space Twilight Zone!

By the way, excuse me, but uh, I think you have my stapler...

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