Friday, March 30, 2007

Spring has Sprung

Only one day left in March, and what a March it has been. Just this past week it was like Spring just appeared. The trees have blooms, the grass is a rich beautiful green, and birds are singing to me in the morning on the way to work. This is going to be a great Spring and Summer, I can feel it already. So as we say goodbye to March let's say goodbye to winter!

Sunday, March 18, 2007

No More Setbacks!

As most of my readers know I walked out of my job last July with no idea what I was going to do for income. fortunately I found a job in December and I am gainfully employed again, but after 6 months of only one income we had to move out of our place and move in with DJ's mother. Now this is not a bad thing mind you, however it's not my own place and I want to get out on our own again soon.

We had made the goal of April 1, and we were pretty much on track, until DJ got sick and was hospitalized. With no medical insurance this has set us back a little. So our date for moving out is now July 15. Probably closer to August 1, but July 15 is when we will start looking.

Well, as I was driving home Friday evening I heard this loud, annoying grinding sound under my car. Not being mechanically inclined I had no idea what was happening. All I knew was this was going to cost money we didn't have. As I pulled into the driveway, DJ's step-father, "Big D" heard it and came to investigate. Apparently my "caliber" was digging into my "wheel well" whatever those were. So my car was parked and time to figure out what the problem really was. DJ and his uncle performed the investigation and removed the tire and found that when the brakes were changed on my car back in the summer, apparently a bolt was not tightened enough and fell off. This caused the caliber to drop down and rub against the inside of the wheel, hence the grinding noises. Okay but how much is this going to cost? That was my main concern.

After looking in three different places DJ and his uncle were able to secure the lost bolt for $8 and replace it back onto the wheel. All was good. And for only $8!

But could you imagine if that entire caliber thing fell off? I don't even want to think about it.

Friday, March 16, 2007

March Madness

No this is not a blog entry about Basketball. Well kind of.

I hate Basketball. Sorry all you BB fans, I just never was able to get into it at all. Football? Yeah, Baseball? Of course. Gymnastics, Tennis and Ice Skating? Uh yeah.

But not Basketball.

That is all that has been discussed at work. They have their brackets, and one of the attorneys even brought in a 42 inch plasma screen TV to be able to watch the day games!

It's madness alright.

Another March Madness I have never been a fan of is St. Patrick's Day. The girls at work are headed out tomorrow night to party and drink green beer. Number 1, I don't like beer. I need something stronger and Number 2, Do you realize how many people are going to be out in the bars tonight? I really don't want to share my "space" with that many people, not to mention the increased price of the drinks.

What really is March Madness is the weather! One day it's 70 degrees, the next day it's 32. that is MAD! I hate this weather and I am not a big fan of the month of March.

Basketball, Maddening Weather, and Green Beer. That is March Madness alright.

So for my March Madness, what will I do?

Hang out with DJ, my kids, and grand kids, watch some TV and catch up on my DVD's

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Good Thing It's Not an Emergency!

Things are starting to get somewhat back to normal. DJ wound up having to be hospitalized for the cellulits and was released yesterday. He is home recuperating, feet up and relaxing. His legs are still a little red and swollen but hopefully back to normal with the antibiotics they sent him home with. Which brings me to my rant of the week.

He was released at 5:40 yesterday by the Dr. It took another 45 minutes for the nurse to actually give him the dismissal papers and then another 15 minutes we had to wait for an orderly to take him down to the car. So at 6:40 we were on our way to the pharmacy and home sweet home. I pull into the pharmacy (Walgreens) at 7:01 p.m. I make my way back to the pharmacy only to be greeted with a sign that reads; "We currently have no pharmacist on duty and can not legally disburse medications" Okay, then why do you call yourself a pharmacy. So we decided to take DJ home and I would go to the Wal-Mart pharmacy. at 7:31 I arrive at the Wal-Mart pharmacy only to be greeted by the pharmacist closing the window and say "We close at 7:30 on Saturdays" Ok, now what? I head to another pharmacy (CVS) They closed at 6:00 p.m. on Saturdays. Finally I make a call to DJ's mom and she tells me of a 24 hour pharmacy on the other side of town. Finally at 8:45 I have the $150.00 prescription filled and rush home as DJ had to have this by 9:00p.m. What happened to the pharmacies I remember, the ones that sold prescriptions, at all hours of the night, even sometimes delivering them to your home? Not today, the pharmacies today are nothing more than another convenience store, (Which are not that convenient) all they need now is to add the gas pumps. It's a good thing this was just a prescription for antibiotics, what if it were a real emergency?

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

His Feet in the Air

DJ is sick. This never happens. He hardly ever gets really sick. I mean in the 6 and a half years we have been together he has had colds and an occasional flu bug but never anything that put him down. But this week he is down. Literally.

He began complaining last week of his feet hurting. Which being a server, that comes with the territory. However it did not get any better. By Friday night of last week his ankle was swollen and very red. Being the "doctor" I think I am, I immediately thought..."he has a stress fracture." My diagnosis was incorrect. After working all weekend and the swelling increasing as well as the pain he went to the ER.

He was diagnosed with cellulitis. After spending all day in the ER Monday with an IV of antibiotics stuck in him, he came home with oral antibiotics and pain medication. Since then he has remained in the house, most of the time in bed with his feet elevated. After three days of this, he still is not too much better. It looks as though he may have to be off work a little longer and make another trip to the doctor.

Luckily cellulitis is not contagious!

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

And I Said It Would Never Happen...

But it did.

I am hooked on Idol. No, not Billy Idol. Ewwww

American Idol. Every week, three nights a week I have been glued to the TV watching Fox. Watching the girls sing their hearts out, well some of them. And watching the guys, try to sing.

The guys have not impressed me, at least not with their singing. Except Chris Sligh. That boy can sing. And Blake. He can sing too, and he's hot.

Then there is Chris Richardson...I love his smile and his voice. But that's about it as for the good singers, well Jared Cotter is pretty good. Sundance? Not really. Phil Stacy? Again, not Idol material. Then there is Sanjaya. I think his sister should have made it through. He will be going home Thursday night, no question. But as for the other guy going? It's a toss up, but Chris, Blake, Jared and the hot Chris are going to stay.

Now the girls...that's totally different story. They are great. Well except for that Antonella chick. She made reference back a few shows ago about Jennifer Hudson, saying that Simon axed Jennifer Hudson. Back that up girl, Simon didn't axe Jennifer, the public did (why who knows?) But girl you AIN'T NO EFFIE! You don't even come close. How you are still on the show is just amazing to me. DJ's mom sings better than you. Most of the girls that auditioned sing better than you. BE GONE! Please!

Yep, I'm hooked. Reality TV. And I said it would never happen. But I also said I'd never like Sci-Fi, but Stargate SG1 and Michael Shanks changed all that.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Excuses, Excuses

I have been lax in posting over the past few weeks, but not much is really happening. Work is going very well and coming up on my 90 days. I have been pretty busy over on my other sites, Cinemania and Regarding Oscar. Oscar were given out on the 26th and I did very well this year on my predictions, 6 out of 6! So next year I am going to add the Animated Feature and Screenplay Oscars to my predictions to make it a little more challenging. This year was not challenging to begin with, I think it was given from day one who and what would win. Hopefully next year will be a little more exciting.

Yesterday my dear cousin, BJ underwent heart by-pass surgery. She also became a grandmother for the first time last week. I guess the shock of becoming a grandma did not fair well with her! Word so far is that everything was a complete success and she should be home by the beginning of next week. It is amazing how routine those types of surgeries have become.

Other than that, not too much happening but I do promise to try and post more in the month of March. No Excuses!