Tuesday, March 06, 2007

And I Said It Would Never Happen...

But it did.

I am hooked on Idol. No, not Billy Idol. Ewwww

American Idol. Every week, three nights a week I have been glued to the TV watching Fox. Watching the girls sing their hearts out, well some of them. And watching the guys, try to sing.

The guys have not impressed me, at least not with their singing. Except Chris Sligh. That boy can sing. And Blake. He can sing too, and he's hot.

Then there is Chris Richardson...I love his smile and his voice. But that's about it as for the good singers, well Jared Cotter is pretty good. Sundance? Not really. Phil Stacy? Again, not Idol material. Then there is Sanjaya. I think his sister should have made it through. He will be going home Thursday night, no question. But as for the other guy going? It's a toss up, but Chris, Blake, Jared and the hot Chris are going to stay.

Now the girls...that's totally different story. They are great. Well except for that Antonella chick. She made reference back a few shows ago about Jennifer Hudson, saying that Simon axed Jennifer Hudson. Back that up girl, Simon didn't axe Jennifer, the public did (why who knows?) But girl you AIN'T NO EFFIE! You don't even come close. How you are still on the show is just amazing to me. DJ's mom sings better than you. Most of the girls that auditioned sing better than you. BE GONE! Please!

Yep, I'm hooked. Reality TV. And I said it would never happen. But I also said I'd never like Sci-Fi, but Stargate SG1 and Michael Shanks changed all that.

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