Wednesday, March 07, 2007

His Feet in the Air

DJ is sick. This never happens. He hardly ever gets really sick. I mean in the 6 and a half years we have been together he has had colds and an occasional flu bug but never anything that put him down. But this week he is down. Literally.

He began complaining last week of his feet hurting. Which being a server, that comes with the territory. However it did not get any better. By Friday night of last week his ankle was swollen and very red. Being the "doctor" I think I am, I immediately thought..."he has a stress fracture." My diagnosis was incorrect. After working all weekend and the swelling increasing as well as the pain he went to the ER.

He was diagnosed with cellulitis. After spending all day in the ER Monday with an IV of antibiotics stuck in him, he came home with oral antibiotics and pain medication. Since then he has remained in the house, most of the time in bed with his feet elevated. After three days of this, he still is not too much better. It looks as though he may have to be off work a little longer and make another trip to the doctor.

Luckily cellulitis is not contagious!

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