Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Working on a New Me.

I knew there was some reason why I hadn't been to the doctor for a check-up. As most of you know if you read my blog, I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes on August 4. Since then things have been going pretty well. I got my drugs, and watching my diet and I have been able to maintain my blood sugars pretty good. It is amazing how much better I feel and even my vision is getting some better.

Then today the doctor's office called to give me my blood work results that I had done on Friday. My LDL was 137, which should be about 110. My HDL which should be around 60 was only 31, which in itself the doctor said wasn't real bad, but was high borderline, but my Triglycerides were 204, which was not good at all. My total cholesterol was 214, which should be below 200. So it looks as though I get to start taking some more drugs!

He is also putting me on Chantix. A new non-smoking drug. With my diabetes and the cholesterol I definitely need to throw away the cigarettes, but I've been smoking since I was 17, that is 30 years!! So I definitely will need help. The drug is somewhat expensive, but compared to the cost of cigarettes and the toll it has apparently taken on my body, I think I will opt for the drugs.

So over the next few weeks, while moving into a new home, I will be working on a new me. Hey, I'm even go to start an exercise program! The only exercise I really get now is my, not what you think, it's from moving my computer mouse over the mouse pad!

It could be worse. My son's father-in-law died Sunday of a massive coronary and he was only 42 years old. So luckily I caught this early and I can get it under control. I plan on being around to see my grandchildren marry and have babies of their own.


glass said...

*raising glass* (of water)

To your journey.

Won't be easy, but the payoff will be worth it.

Steve said...

Good luck on your work!