Friday, September 21, 2007

Being Nosey

I'm being NOSEY
Taking an idea from my blog friend Steve

I want to learn more about those who visit my blog. This is what I’d like to know:

What’s your job?
Do you have any kids?
Are you attached?
Do you have pets?
Your parents still alive?
Do you have siblings?
What’s your dream job?
You believe in angels?
If you answered any of these questions, I’d be very happy.


Steve said...

1. Fictional and non-fictional Novelist and childbook illustrator
2. No Kids
3. No Dating
4. 2 dogs, 1 cat
5. Both parents are deceased
6. I have 2 older brothers and an older sister
7. My dream job is what I’m currently doing
8. Yes, I believe in angels. I saw my Mother after she died.

And I like your picture better than mine :P

Anonymous said...

What’s your job? I am a real estate paralegal by day.....Reality Soap Star by night

Do you have any kids? Yes, two little red headed divas

Are you attached? Not really, nope.

Do you have pets? Nope.

Your parents still alive? And kickin!

Do you have siblings? Yup! One brother and one sister. Both younger.

What’s your dream job? To work in a big city in a book shop

You believe in angels? Most