Thursday, October 04, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #2

This week for my Thursday Thirteen I called upon some assistance from my "gang" at work. Each one gave some enlightening insights on the proper and not-so proper work attire. I think I should turn them in for the employee handbook. I was only going to post one response, but they were all so great I decided to post everyone's entry.
from Full Figured Model

1. um, Midgette's orange shoes (you know the ones, lol)
2. a thong that was dingy (sp???) and hung out of the top of my pants/skirt
3. zippered jeans w/ flowers on them
4. maternity clothes when you're not pregnant
5. petite clothes when you're an amazon
6. stirrup pants w/ sandals
8. daisy dukes
9. Paris Jr's Halloween costume, lol
10. an irridescent suit
11. a mullet wig
12. nothing at all, no one wants to see that shit!
13. and finally, last but not least, fake hair
from DC DUDE:
13 Things You Would Never Wear To Work
1. A dress shirt with holes in it.
2. A KISS '88 tour t-shirt
3. Uggs. Ewwwwww. But, honestly, how many dudes do you see wearing those things?
4. A cut-off pair of low-waisted black yoga pants.
5. My "I Support the Jena 6" t-shirt
6. Ski boots. Honestly, why would I ever wear them to work.
7. A bow tie. I can't tell you how often I want to kick someone's ass who is wearing a bow tie.
8. A Knight's chain mail, freaking heavy.
9. An AC Slater muscle shirt
10. Biker Shorts...
11. A Monkey Hat
12. Sumo Wrestler diaper.
13. A lot of freaky piercings.
from Louisville Starlett:

13 Things You Would Never Wear To Work
1. hot shorts
2.crop top
3.knee high stockings
4.a super short skirt
5.a dress that is too tight for me that reveals my fat rolls
6.pants that are so tight I have camel toe
7.sparkly anything
8.funky weaves
9.see through shirts etc....
10.lots of ruffles
11.a bodysuit like the one Michael sent a picture out of yesterday
12.clear shoes aka stripper shoes
13.excessive jewelry
from Holly Golightly :
13 Things You Would Never Wear To Work (some things that I would NEVER wear anywhere!!!) lol.
1. Push up bra (for what reason would you all need to see that?)
2. Mini Skirt (It's almost halloween but I don't like to scare people!)
3. Cut off jean shorts (you know the one with the frays!! soooo hot...yuck)
4. 80's anything... (aka stretch pants, multiple layers of socks, kiddie bangles, tacky plastic earrings and 80's Hairsprayed POOF) BARF
5. polyester pants
6. Strapless shirts (although we know how sexy they are!!)
7. Cowgirl boots (Although Kim and I love our country songs!! ALLL-COOHOOOLLLL)
8. tapered jeans (NEVER ANYWHERE!!!) remember when it used to be cool to 'peg' them, OMG!!!
9. Thigh Highs
10. Tie Dye
11. Short Shorts..."who wears short shorts?" NOT ME!!!
12. Little Black Dress
13. Crocks...ha ha ha
from Mommie Dearest:
13 Things You Would Never Wear To Work
1. anything that causes muffin top
2. daisy dukes
3. painted hair (unless its a mohawk then absolutely)
4. a bra too small that causes nips to peep out
5. white socks with your dress flats
6. a see-through skirt with no slip
7. jean skirts slit too high (visible cottage cheese)
8. crusty heels
9. visible thong
10. sandals with panty hose
11. stirrup pants
12. 'mom' jeans
13. a strap-on
from Midgette:
13 Things You Would Never Wear To Work
1. MC Hammer Pants
2. Pants that are ten times to big
3.Pants that are too tight
4.Pleather anything
5.Marie's red shoes
6.Bengals Anything
7.Ponytail on top or side of my head
8.Pig Tails
9. Banana Clips
10.Leg Warmers
12.Makeup that makes me look like a football player not a girl
13.Stretch pants
from Bridezilla:
1 puffy paint shirts
2 sweaters that jingle when you walk with Rudolph’s big nose puffing out
3 Camel Toe pants
4 Jelly shoes
5 Spandex pants
6 Floral pants
7 Dresses that have shoulder pads
8 Any sweater that has a Disney character on it
9 Orange, red, pink, purple…..pants
10 Pants that tie all the way up your leg to show skin in-between
11 Gym shoes
12 Bengal’s t-shirt
13 Salmon Clogs
from Lady behind the Green Door
13 Things You Would Never Wear To Work
1. micro mini
2. flip flops
3. gym shoes
4. orange anything
5. flannel
6. ben wa
7. handkerchief on my head
8. plastic jewelry
9. body sparkles
10. terry cloth
11. fuzzy clogs
12. camel toe
13. grill
from Paris Jr.

13 Things You Would Never Wear To Work
2. Flip Flops that cost under $12.50
3. Stretch pants
4. Muu Muus
5. Jellies
6. Muffin Tops
7. Non-painted toe nails
8. Crusty heels
9. taperd jeans on Friday
10. Unwashed hair
11. Giant white sandal-esque things
12. Stone-washed denim
13. Sparkly belts

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Wow! What a list and a great idea! I might consider following this. Except I'm bad at any planned bloggings. If it's on a set schedule, it usually doesn't happen LOL Thanks for sharing.