Thursday, October 11, 2007


Today marks my third anniversary blogging here on Blogger. I started my blog about 6 months prior to that on a service called mblog that closed without any warning and I lost my posts.

A lot has happened in the last three years. We have lived in three different places, both DJ and I have changed jobs, we have three cats, and two grandchildren with another on the way and this is just to name a few of the things that have transpired in our lives in the past three years.

I have closed the blog twice, only to re-open a few days later. I've met some great bloggers as well. Some are now gone to that big blog in the sky, and others remain strong and vital to the blogging community. While some blogs tend to be political or trendy, sharing the latest in the world of celebrity, or the newest trends on TV and the movies, my blog just continues to share my story. Sometimes I'm depressed, other times I am happy. Most of the time my readers are probably bored, other times they have told me how much they enjoy reading about my life. But, I put this blog up for me. I don't post for all the readers or to make a point politically or even to make a name for myself in the gay blogging community but just to put down my thoughts and have a place to just put it down into words so that I can recall them later.

I have gained some new readers, and have lost some. It doesn't matter though I will continue to post. Maybe not as often as I once did, but I'll stick around hopefully for another 3 years.

One thing I do miss are comments. So if you read the blog, let me know. Post a comment and say hi.


Anonymous said...

I heart you!!! I have almost known you for one year......but it feels like forever!

Anonymous said...

wow it has been 3years since u started this now that is a long time

coming clean said...

A big congratualtions on your third year blogging. That is quite an accomplishement and far longer than the vast majority of bloggers last. Have fun with the reflections and enjoy the coming years even more :)