Thursday, October 11, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #3

13 Costumes I Will NOT Be Wearing for Halloween
(Courtesy of Full Figured Model)

1. clear vinyl cat suit w/ hooker heels
2. a fluorescent netted thong suit
3. the Anna Nicole full figured outfit, b/c it's too damn small, lmfao
4. an outfit made of white castle boxes
5. an armored suit, that's way too much exercise to lug around
6. Anything too complicated to get off in the bathroom

7. nothing at all, close the window, no one wants to see that *&^%
8. costume made of post it notes, with dangling paper clip earrings
9. mummy costume during a heavy menstrual cycle
10. Britney Spears outfit
11. Greek goddess shoes (that clearly lace from ankle to thigh) with coordinating outfit
12. a chick magnet outfit
13. anything camouflaged b/c you couldn't see me

1 comment:

Holly Golightly said...

You favor full figured model... :(
Holly Golightly is feeling sad...
lol :) Happy Blogiversary and Happy Friday!! Muah!!!