Monday, October 22, 2007

Catching Up

You are probably asking..."where the hell you been? you gave us a cryptic post and then you disappear!"

Well I've been busy. First of all we got all moved in and it is WONDERFUL. The first night in my new tempurpedic bed all I could say was...this is AWESOME. I've had some of the best nights of sleep I have ever had. It is AWESOME!

The apartment is smaller than it looked when empty. Especially when our love seat and recliners are all over-stuffed. So the living room is full. The dinning area is very nice, and you will not believe our curtain for the dinning room. I will take a pic in a few days and let you see it. I love it and it was CHEAP! Got to love those shows on HGTV.

Speaking of which, HGTV and the rest of the hundreds of stations we now have. Thanks to Time Warner Cable and all the freebies we get for a year. They get you hooked on this stuff and then when the year is over you now think that you JUST HAVE to HAVE it. But for now, we have several on demand stations, free showtime and cinemax and DVR, which is the greatest invention since the DVD player. Now I never have to miss TMC, A&E or AMC. So for at least the next year I can catch up on all those old classics I missed the first time around.

So you can see that I have been busy. But, again I will try and post more often, and I swear as soon as I get around to it, and my apartment is "picture perfect" I will post some shots. Until then...

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