Monday, January 09, 2006

We Will Never Know

Have you ever thought about how differently things would turn out if you'd done things opposite the way you had done them? I do all the time. Like what if I had came out of the closet at 19 instead of 35? Well I wouldn't have gotten married and had four children. That would be a regret. Or what if I had went to Cumberland College instead of waiting to go to school? Or if I had taken that job offer a few years ago and moved to North Carolina? I would not have met DJ and be where we are today.

I am sure that Carson Palmer of the Cincinnati Bengals is thinking the same thing today. What if he would have jumped backwards a foot after throwing the 66 yd pass? He would not have been hit and damaged his knee. Or what if he would have played a rushing play instead of the pass.

But just like me, Cincinnati and Carson Palmer, we will never know. Would Cincinnati have won the game if Carson wasn't hurt? Maybe, maybe not. Would I have still met DJ even if I had moved out of town? Maybe. Maybe not. For me, it's a good thing. For Carson and the Cincinnati Bengals I am sure it will be something they continue to ask for seasons to come.

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