Saturday, January 28, 2006

Keeping Tabs

I am currently reading my newest selection from Insight/Out Book Club; Tab Hunter Confidential. I joined just a week or so ago and immediately opened this book first. Being a huge fan of movies and movie stars I found his story compelling and was hoping to find out which other hot Hollywood hunks Tab secretly bedded. Unfortunate for me it was not one of those "tell-all" books. But it does come loaded with other juicy Hollywood tidbits, and gives you his account of how Hollywood controlled their stars back in the 40's and 50's. Even though he was gay, and most of Hollywood was aware of his sexuality, it was never spoken of, but always hidden. Sort of like Don't Ask, Don't Tell. But if you are looking to keep tabs on Tab, not too much is here. I did find him forthright and honest in his book, and a perfect gentleman. He would be someone I would like to meet as he sounds like a really down to earth guy who enjoyed his life and made the best of what he had.

It also has several photos taken in Tab's glory years, one of which I found revealing...
For reasons you can guess.
The guy standing next to Tab is ballet star Rudolf Nureyev whom Tab had a brief fling according to the memoir.

Tab was a really hot guy in his day, and now at almost 75 years old, he still has his looks!

So if you like Hollywood and Movie Stars and their History I recommend this book, if not just get it for the pictures!

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North Woods Guys said...

Steve and I met Tab Hunter just a few weeks ago in Minneapolis MN. What a totally great guy he was. We had a chance to chat with him, have our pictures taken and also get his autograph.

When I (Warren) was a boy - he was the hottest hunk around - I thought to myself - now I could like this guy.

Hope you enjoy his book - it is a great read.