Tuesday, January 17, 2006

I'm Now Open

Remember Lucy from Charlie Brown? She gave out advice in her little booth and made a few extra bucks. And then she gave out advice even when others didn't want to hear it. I need to open a booth. Why you ask?

I'm not sure what it is about str8 women and gay men, but it seems to me the minute that they find out that you are gay thy think you are a sex therapist. Or that you have the scoop about a relationship and that you can help them deal with their relationships with their men.

Let me ask you ladies, have you seen most gay relationships? They don't last that long, and most of the time there is infidelity and deception going on the entire time. Why ask a gay man relationship questions, we are not the best choice to choose from. But they do. Girls, let me tell you something else while I'm at it. Gay men DO NOT want to hear about your sexual conquests and/or fantasies in detail. We are gay. Str8 sexcapades are not our cup of tee. And we don't hold all the answers to your sexual problems, really we don't.

I understand that you feel comfortable talking to gay men about these things, and that is fine, but to give you advice? That's why you have Cosmo. So if you insist on wanting advice from this gay men, you are going to have to start paying up. So first give me the nickel and then I can solve all you relationship problems.


regwa said...

i think it is more that women talk easily to gay men about their sex lives, because they want advice from a man, but cannot ask the man they have trouble with himself. so they try to find a man to ask whom they can trust that he won't use it against them. this a gay man wouldn't do, because he is not interested in the woman. so why not talk to a gay man? my question is rather, why does a gay man listen to such a woman?

Michael said...

Good Question. I agree that women do find it easier to talk to us. I have no problem with the certain individual talking to me about it, but when she wants advice and goes into detail, that's when I back away. But true I have found that some gay men seem to enjoy listening to it! LOL

regwa said...

maybe that's really more a difference between men and women. i also talk to my women-friends about problems with men and we give each other advice...maybe we just see the woman in the gay man?