Sunday, January 25, 2009

Long Week...

It's been a very long week. Monday was a holiday, so that was a plus, thanks to Martin Luther King! But from that point on this week has seemed to have flown by. Tuesday we moved into our new office at work. It is very nice and accommodating, and has all the amenities one would need for a safe, pleasant and enjoyable work experience. At least it will have once all the kinks have been worked out. With a move of that magnitude there were some issues. Mostly electrical and to do with our IT Department. Overall they have done a tremendous job, it's just somewhat unsettling this week at work.

Thursday Adam had to be admitted back into the hospital for his third session of chemo, and that was an ALL day extravaganza. See his blog for his current status. Friday night I stayed all night at the hospital with him, and yesterday was a half work day, and then home. It really seems like home has not been a place where I have spent much time this past week.

We did receive some good new this week. Adam was selected for the Make-a-Wish foundation and he gets to make a wish, and it is granted. Well besides a car, he already asked and they don't give those as gifts. He is currently looking at a possible Hawaii vacation for himself, his mother, stepfather, myself, Dan and his brother J2. Once his treatments are completed he will make the decision and finalization will be made. We are looking to the future and this makes it a little brighter for all of us, especially Adam.

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Anonymous said...

glad to see adam is doing ok...too bad about car though...but hawaii sounds fun...sorry this is all lower-case...had to type with one hand...sleeping baby in one arm