Thursday, October 27, 2005

Post # 200

For my 200th blog post I wanted to do something exciting, or interesting, or at the least poignant. But alas, I could not think of anything that warranted those descriptions so instead I have jumped onto the Half-Nekkid Thursday Bandwagon. Don't know what that is, well check it all out here:


Now I'm not going to start being pornographic or anything like that, as I am somewhat modest when it comes to things like that (plus my mom reads my blog). But Half Nekkid Thursdays are not necessarily all about that. According to the guidelines it can be of anyone or any body part, but I have to take the picture or have someone take it for me. So I can't just go search the net and post anyone's half-nekkid ass.

So for post number 200 here is my first admission to Half-Nekkid Thursday:

I know it's not what your were expecting, but hey there will be other Thursdays! I took this picture on our recent trip to St. Louis at the Budweiser Brewery. Nothing quite as beautiful as a Clydesdale's ass is there??


Scotty said...

Welcome to HNT! just saw you were linked to me and thought I would say hey. I am a gay partnered father too!

Michael said...

Great to meet you Scotty! Your close too, we live in Cincy. Love your site and I promise that I'll do better on the Half-Nekkid Thursday next time! Maybe not quite as good as yours...