Saturday, October 22, 2005

Educating Michael

I thought I was pretty intelligent. I mean I have some college education and I have lived 45 years, that counts for something right? Okay then I should be able to name three types of fossil fuels, right? Or how long does it take for the sunlight to hit the earth? Well I didn't.

And not being Catholic, I had no idea that the Fisherman's Ring was worn by the Pope.

Playing Trivial Pursuit is only fun if I get History or Entertainment questions. I never liked science. DJ, my two youngest sons, J2 and AT and I played Trivial Pursuit last night. We gave them an advantage and allowed them to have multiple choice answers. DJ didn't need any help, as he got questions like; Who is the friendly Ghost? and What was the name of the Sheriff on the Andy Griffith Show? What was the number on the USS Enterprise?

Why couldn't I get those kind of questions?

And by the way, three types of fossil fuels are; gasoline, oil and coal.

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