Sunday, October 16, 2005

Fright Night 2005

Last night was the night. It was a perfect setting for our annual visit to the what was called this year, "LAND OF ILLUSIONS". A full moon, perfect October weather, the correct amounts of rum & coke,the family and about 10,000 other people!

Yeah, that might be an exaggeration, but the lines were incredibly long. Too long. Well every cloud has a silver lining so lets give the pros and cons of last nights haunted house trip:

We will start with cons:

The bathrooms: Nasty. Well except that there was what I call a piss trough were about 8 -10 men can stand next to each other and piss into a trough. Great way to catch a peek. So I guess we could call that a pro..

The Lines: The only thing that didn't have a line was the bathroom. Probably because they were so filthy, or because the homophobes were just pee shy. There were four different events you could walk through; the Haunted Trails, Krazy Killer Klowns, Dr. Psycho's Estate, and Tomb of Terror. The line for the trail was over and hour. Luckily the actual trail was about 45 minutes. Killer Klowns was another 40 minutes, not worth it. Dr. Psycho was another 35 minute wait and last but not least Tomb of Terror was only 15 minute wait, but that was because it was now after 1:00 a.m. and everyone had left by then. We arrived at 9:45 p.m. Got home at 2:35 a.m.

Other than that it was pretty great night and here's why...

Hot Guys: Besides DJ and I there were other HOT guys there. Many other hot guys there. (not in our party of course) Red and I scoped out the guys most of the night. She of course was looking for herself. I of course, was also looking for her.

Little Soccer Princess: That would be DJ's little sister. She is 15. A doll baby but completely terrified of; EVERYTHING. Chainsaw sounds send her into a running scream. Killer Klowns standing near her cause bladder malfunction. Even other people in line can touch her or jump and she screamed. Always good to take one terrified person on the trip with you. It's worth it.

Event Site: Even though it is a 30 minute drive for us to get to the location of the site, it's worth it as the parking was good for all the people that they had, and the event itself was very well orchestrated. The monsters were very good, the trail was awesome and even the mechanical tricks were great.

But the highlight of our entire evening was going through the haunted trail. Budlight and I headed the party through the trail and at the end they had a field of corn, kind of like the movie "Children of the Corn" or "Jeepers Creepers" with scarecrows hung along the trail. Budlight decided the best way to make sure they were mannequins or real was to grab their crotch. As we went through she would yell out to the group "FAKE" or "REAL" so were hear...fake...fake...fake...fake...REAL! Yeah one of them was real, and she said he was sporting wood. Gives a whole new meaning to HUNG SCARECROWS...Why didn't I think of doing that to warn the others?!

All in all another great Family Fright Night.
So where are we going next weekend?

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