Friday, October 28, 2005

Ask and You Shall Receive

For my 200th post yesterday I wanted to write something exciting or at least interesting, but at the time I posted, I had nothing, so hence the horse's ass.

I should have waited a few hours...

While at work yesterday about 2:30 or so I was looking out my window that faces a main street that runs through the neighborhood where our office is located. The area is a mix of commercial and residential, and is in one of the "bad" neighborhoods. High crime rate etc. As I looked out into the road I saw two local police officers in the middle of the road, with their guns drawn on a man who was lying face down in the road. Within the next few seconds 4 or 5 City Police and a sheriff came flying into our lot.

Of course I wanted to know what was going on and went outside. As I did one of the police officers (who was not good looking at all) met me at the door.

"We have 3 bank robbery suspects that have jumped your fence and are on your lot, you need to lock your door and your service gate immediately."

Which I did, Immediately!

Fortunate for me, but unfortunate for them, all three suspects were apprehended in a short amount of time. Everything was clear within a half an hour. No shots fired, no blood loss, and not even a TV news reporter asked to interview me!

What's this world coming to?

Then today I receive a phone call at work from my oldest son J1.

"Hey Dad."
"Hey, what's up?"
"Not too much, you busy?"
"No, not really. You okay?"
"Yeah, I just wanted to call to let you know that Amanda and I are getting married and that your going to be a grandpa."

Just last night I told DJ that I would hope my kids would make me a grandpa soon, as I want my grandchildren to know who I am. See you should be careful what you ask for!

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