Saturday, October 15, 2005

Tonight's the Night

Tonight's the night I've been looking forward to for the last two weeks. The Family Fright Night. I know sad huh? A grown man looking forward to haunted houses. But we have so much fun. Of course we have a few drinks first and that makes it even more fun. How many times have you went through a haunted house liquored up. Try it.

The fun part of the whole escapade is that we go with a large group of family, DJ's family. Ranging from 15 - 50 in age and we get more laughs than frights. For instance; "Budlight" (DJ's sister) is 21 and she is scared to death of Mike Meyers. Last year while going through a haunted house, DJ's uncle informed "Mike Meyers" of this fear that Budlight had. He then decided to follow her through the entire haunted house and then began chasing her outside of the house where Budlight proceeded to run into a port-a-let screaming! Now that's fun!

So tonight's the night. I will return tomorrow with horror stories...

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