Monday, September 26, 2005

Home Again

We are back from vacation and back to the humdrum of life. Vacation was way too short! But we did have a lot of fun. We went camping a few days. Nothing beats getting away from home, phone, computers and people. We found a great camping area in Versailles, Indiana just an hour drive away. It being the off season for camping we almost had the entire camp site to ourselves. So needless to say we had at least one night that we enjoyed nature they way it is supposed to be enjoyed. Yep you guessed it. In the nude. It was a very refreshing experience to sit out under the starts and a campfire with nothing on but a smile. The sex was pretty awesome too!! did you know that picnic tables can be very useful...for more than just picnicing.

When we returned home we didn't do much but just sit around and relax. We went to the Reds game on Saturday night. We sat in the nosebleed section. If you have never experienced a game in that section of a stadium you must! I felt lightheaded the entire time. But the Reds won and we enjoyed our night out. But of course I was in line getting beers when the only home run of the game was hit. Figures. We took my two youngest boys and it was their first time at a game, and I think they really enjoyed it. Silver and his son also went along for the evening and I think everyone was pretty tired by the time we all got home.

Sunday was clean up day, but do to some kind of bug I got I didn't do anything but lay on the sofa the entire day. Today I went back to work still under the weather and wondering what is this thing I have that is causing me to be dizzy headed and weak. Well more so than normal. Of course my hypochondria has me thinking all kinds of rare diseases has invaded my body, but I just think it's a bug and will pass soon.

Anyway, we are home again and our anniversary vacation was a great time. Looking forward to the next five years.

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Graham said...

Sex and the Campfie...great title for a book!