Friday, September 09, 2005

Money Money Money

No this is not a post to let everyone know I won the lottery. Quite the opposite really. I know that complaining about it is not going to cause money to magically appear in my checking account, but it makes me feel better to bitch.

We had to borrow $1,300 to pay on taxes on the Blazer we bought back in October and for the recent repairs on the Cavalier. That set us back, as it all happened the same week we were moving into our new place. Not to mention the monthly child support payments that I have to pay each month. Which are a week behind now. That wasn't enough, it seems the bank is out to get us.

Tuesday I went to the neighborhood ATM and withdrew $30.00 for lunch, gas and some spending cash for my wallet just in case. When I received my receipt giving my new balance it showed at least $120 less than what I expected. So a call to the bank.

"I'm sorry sir, I can not see why there were 5 overdraft notices applied to your account and it shows you had sufficient amounts to cover any checks that were written. it must have been a glitch in the system. But I am not authorized to correct it."

Then give me someone who is...
Thankfully, two days later the money was returned to our account.

I think it's time to change banks. Or just stuff it under the mattress.

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