Saturday, September 03, 2005

The Autumn of Life

With the travesty that is ongoing in New Orleans and the Gulf Coast I will refrain from complaining about the high gas prices here in Ohio. At least I have a car to drive and my home has not been destroyed by a hurricane. But I have to say the gas prices ARE HIGH.

So high that we are staying home this last weekend of the summer season. But we will be busy. Of course today I have to work (which is where I am posting my blog from), but then Mamma D is having a Labor Day get-together this evening with grilled food, alcohol and more food.

Tomorrow DJ and I will be throwing our own little festivities. Our House/Apartment Warming Party is set for tomorrow at 2:00 p.m. Hopefully we will not be too hung over from tonight so that we can enjoy it. So far we have about 35 people that have said that they will drop in sometime tomorrow bringing gifts and a festive spirit. I love parties, especially when I get gifts!

I also got some news this week. My son J1, who just purchased a new home has also purchased a one carat diamond engagement ring for his girlfriend, 'Lil Bit. They have been together for almost two years, and now they are living together in their new home, so I knew that this day was soon approaching. Not sure when he is going to actually give it to her, but I am sure I will be getting a call. Could it mean grand kids in the horizon????

Hey it may be September but I'm not ready for the autumn of my life to be here!

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