Sunday, August 07, 2005

Week of Chaos

Well the move is completed. No, it didn't take an entire week, but this has been one of the longest weeks in most recent memory. As noted in my last post, we started the move off on the wrong foot when we awoke last Saturday morning to a car that wouldn't start. It was finally fixed yesterday! More on that later, but first the week in review; It took us almost four hours to load our moving truck. DJ, Silver, my two sons, Silver's son and DJ's cousin, "Horse", loaded it. Of course I worked the majority of the day, so by the time I got off most of the truck was loaded already (good for me!). Once we were loaded, DJ took the truck back to my place of employment to secure it for the night as we could not move into the new place until the following afternoon. Unbeknownst to DJ was that the security alarm had been activated at my office. You guessed it, they set off the alarm. So after my son AT crawled under the security fence and then entered the office, he officially committed breaking and entering, at age 12. Luckily we called the police in time and told them that it was set off by mistake, no harm.

We then had to stay all night at Mama D's place. With our three cats. She has three dogs and two cats of her own so needless to say, our cats were spooked and stayed under the bed the entire time they were there. The morning came complete with a great breakfast and cooler weather, and about 16 people to help unpack. We unloaded the truck in less than 45 minutes. Again I carried in very little.

Move completed, now just unpacking boxes. (Which I am still doing) Now Monday morning. Still no car by the way, so up at the crack of dawn so that DJ could take me to work I played the answering machine when I arrived and message number three was left on Sunday at 12:40;
"Michael, this is your mom. I know you are moving and you have no phone until Tuesday but I wanted you to know that I had an episode of something yesterday with my blood pressure and I had to be rushed to the hospital. But I'm ok" The last part she said with a broken voice, she was NOT ok. I just knew it. So for the next four hours I tried frantically to find her or someone to let me know what was going on with mom. Finally at three in the afternoon I contacted her. Fortunately, she was ok, and was released on Thursday, with no diagnosis other than cluster migraines which caused her blood pressure to jump up and down.

Tuesday we took the boys back home and finally DJ and I were abled to have the new place all to ourselves. The week did get progressively better, and after three tries the car is finally repaired. A faulty alternator (whatever that is) was our problem.

So here we are a week later and finally settled. The bottom line is, We love the place and we are both ecstatic. Chaos yes, but how boring would life be without it?

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