Tuesday, August 23, 2005

The New Christian Agenda?

I spent the first 34 years of my life in the church. I worked, prayed, played and sang for God and worshipped His Son, Jesus Christ. I still have a very strong belief and relationship with God. No, I do not attend church, these days as I feel it has become run by men and women and their ideas, loosing the real teachings of Jesus, but that is an opinion for another blog entry.

When I logged onto AOL this morning I was appalled at the headlines.
PREACHER WANTS LEADER KILLED. See who is on Pat Robertson's Hit List.

When I attended Church and also attended Bible School, I was taught to love one another as Christ loved his church. Since when does being a Christian mean to talk of assassinating leaders of other countries? I know that Hugo Chavez is an evil man, and yes, probably a threat to the U.S., but plotting an assassination? I am sure that he is not the first leader that the U.S. has wanted to assassinate. I mean it is common knowledge that Kennedy had a plot to do the same to Castro. But for a supposedly Christian leader to issue this kind of statement? Pat Robertson has shown his true colors before, and has unsuccessfully (thank God) run for the Presidency. This time the man has really went over the edge. What will be next? Kill all people that do not follow the same twisted opinions as Pat Robertson? All Democrats. Exterminated? All Homosexuals. Eradicated? All non-believers. Crucified? This man has truly become today's answer of a Pharisee. The sad thing is that many of his followers agree with him.

I pray, in my own feeble way, that this man does not speak for the entire Christian community.

Step aside Pat Robertson.

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